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Karlhermann Bergner ( pseudonyms : Karl Bergner , Karl Hermann Bergner , Karl Herrmann , Tolmai , born January 25, 1922 in Hamm , † October 27, 1996 in Mannheim ) was a German writer and translator .


Bergner completed his studies in Catholic theology and classical philology with the state examination. He then worked as a foreign language lecturer and academic translator . He has translated numerous works on Catholic theology from French and English .

In 1970 he switched to teaching in Mannheim. Already in retirement he received his doctorate in 1993 at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg under Michael von Albrecht on the concept of the Sapientia in the commentary of Marius Victorinus on Cicero's youth work De inventione .

Bergner author a series of books for young people , which in the 1950s and 1960s, among others in the series of track books published. For the same series he transcribed a few volumes from the French.

His grave is in the cemetery in Oftersheim.


  • Something is wrong with the Hirschbrunnen , Aarau [u. a.] 1953 (under the name Karl Hermann Bergner)
  • The wolves of the Appia , Colmar 1953 (under the name Karl Bergner)
  • The Lager am See , Colmar 1954 (under the name Karl Herrmann)
  • Signals in the night , Würzburg 1955 (under the name Karl Herrmann)
  • Großfahrt 45 , Würzburg 1958 (under the name Karl Hermann)
  • Tolmai , Paderborn 1958
  • The brown and the great white shark , Würzburg 1960 (under the name Karl Herrmann)
  • Guards of St. Mauritius , Colmar [u. a.] 1960 (under the name Tolmai)
  • Spuk am Cap Cefali , Würzburg 1962 (under the name Karl Herrmann)
  • Alarm in the editorial office , Recklinghausen 1965
  • The boys of the first cohort , Würzburg 1979 (under the name Karlhermann Bergner)
  • The tent was empty , Baunach 1992
  • The term Sapientia in Marius Victorinus' commentary on Cicero's youth work De inventione , Frankfurt am Main 1994


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