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Michael von Albrecht (born August 22, 1933 in Stuttgart ) is a German classical philologist .


The son of the composer Georg von Albrecht first attended the Stuttgart University of Music , which he graduated with the state examination in 1955. He then studied Classical Philology and Indology in Tübingen and Paris and was awarded a doctorate in 1959 in Tübingen. phil. PhD. The Habilitation followed the same place in 1964. In the same year was by Albrecht Professor of Classics at the University of Heidelberg, where he remained as a professor until his retirement in 1998th In 1977/1978 he also became a visiting professor at the University of Amsterdam and in 1981 a visiting member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton .

Michael von Albrecht's research focuses on ancient music , Roman literature and its history of reception, as well as comparative literature . His two-volume history of Roman literature , which has already been translated into eight languages, is just as much a standard work as the masters of Roman prose , prime examples of stylistic and rhetorical analysis. He also made a name for himself through translations from Latin , especially by Virgil and Ovid .

In addition, von Albrecht has been editor of the sources and studies on music history and the Georg von Albrecht Complete Edition since 1984 .

In addition to his academic research and teaching, which also included the didactics of ancient languages, von Albrecht was intensely committed for decades and beyond his retirement to the propagation of the humanistic idea through numerous lectures that he gave in the context of events for the further education of teachers of the ancient languages and Abiturvorbereitung of high school students held and continues to hold. Many of his scientific publications also address students, high school teachers and high school students as an audience beyond the narrow range of specialist colleagues. Efforts to clarify the language, avoid excessive use of terminology and the willingness not to simply assume that what is necessary for understanding are known, but to instruct the reading public accordingly, if necessary, contribute significantly to success with these target groups .


Since 1996 he has been a full member of the Academia Europaea . In 1998 he received an honorary doctorate from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki . In 2004, Albrecht was awarded the Johann Heinrich Voß Prize for Translation for his translations . In 2014 he received the Dragomanov Medal from the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kiev , and in November 2015 he received an honorary doctorate from the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). In 2018 he was awarded the Pegasus Pin by the German Classical Philology Association for his services to the mediation and preservation of the Latin language and literature.

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