Karst sheepdog

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Kraški ovčar (Karst Shepherd Dog)
Karst sheepdog
FCI Standard No. 278
2.2 mountain dogs
Origin :


Alternative names:

Illyrian Shepherd Dog

Withers height:

Males 57–63 cm.
Bitches 54–60 cm


Males 30–42 kg,
bitches 25–37 kg

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The Kraški ovčar [ ˈkraːʃki owˈtʃaːr ] (in German roughly: " Karst Sheepdog") is a breed of dogs from Slovenia recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 2, Section 2.2, Standard No. 278 ).

Origin and history

The Kraški ovčar is one of the shepherd dogs . He was mentioned in a book by Baron Janez Vajkard Valvasor as early as 1689 . In the literature of the middle of the 20th century, the shepherd dog from the Karst Mountains and the shepherd dog from the Sarplanina Mountains, today's Šarplaninac , are listed under the name Illyrian Shepherd Dog ( Ilirski ovčar ). In 1968 the two breeds were finally separated by the Yugoslav breed association. The differences between the races are still minimal today.


The Kraški ovčar is a robust dog up to 63 cm tall and 42 kg heavy with a compact structure. Tail and ears droop. The long, abundant and absolutely weatherproof hair is iron-gray in color, with a lot of dense undercoat. A dark mask rounds off the appearance.


The Kraški ovčar is the typical shepherd dog in this area. He acts largely independently, which is also essential to protect the herd. Its universality is shown in the fact that it can also be used as a guard and protection dog and is often kept as a family dog .


The breed standard describes the Kraški ovčar as good-natured, brave and vigilant without being biting. He should show himself to his caregiver, but be suspicious of strangers. So he's a good watchdog. He should have a moderately lively temperament and act very independently. The standard also describes him as a pleasant and obedient companion dog .

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