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FCI Standard No. 41
2.2 mountain dogs
Origin :

SerbiaSerbia Serbia North Macedonia
North MacedoniaNorth Macedonia 

Alternative names:

Jugoslovenski Ovčarski Pas - Šarplaninac
(Yugoslav Shepherd
Dog - Šarplaninac) until 1957: Illyrian Shepherd Dog

Withers height:

Bitches 58 cm,
males 62 cm


Bitches 30–40 kg,
males 35–45 kg

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The Šarplaninac ( Serbian - Cyrillic Шарпланинац , [ ʃarplaˈniːnats ]; Macedonian Шарпланинец , Albanian  Qeni i Sharrit ) is a breed of dogs recognized by the FCI from Serbia and North Macedonia ( FCI Group 2, Section 2.2. ).

Origin and history

The Šarplaninac is a breed developed over the centuries that accompanied the shepherds in the area of Serbia and North Macedonia as a herd guard dog . It was named after the Šar Planina mountains on the border between Kosovo and North Macedonia. The first official standard was drawn up in 1930. It was registered with the FCI in 1939 under the name Illyrian Shepherd Dog ( Ilirski ovčar ), but no distinction has yet been made between the (present-day) Šarplaninac and the Karst Shepherd Dog (Kraški ovčar). In 1956 the standard was deposited with the name Šarplaninac (Jugoslovenski Ovčarski Pas - Šarplaninac; German: Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Šarplaninac). The breed did not spread to Europe until after 1970. Until then, export was prohibited.


The Šarplaninac is a mighty dog, up to 62 centimeters tall and 45 kilograms in weight, long-haired with plenty of undercoat . The hair is one color, from white to tan and gray to dark brown that looks almost black. The ears are drooping small.


Like all herd guard dogs, the Šarplaninac is quite headstrong and used to making decisions on their own. He is good-natured as long as possible, loyal and eager to work. Upbringing requires a sure instinct, especially beyond one's traditional area of ​​responsibility, which is the case today more than ever. The dog was often alone with his herd for a long time in his home country and was completely on his own.


The Sarplaninac is the typical shepherd dog (herd guard dog) of this area. He acts largely independently, which is also essential to protect the herd. Its universality is shown in the fact that it is used today as a guard and protection dog in both the military and the police. Even as a family dog , he shows his qualities if the person takes his origin into account.

Legal position

The Šarplaninac is on the breed list of potentially dangerous dog breeds in the Swiss canton of Ticino , and keeping it there requires a permit. The Danish dog law also includes the Šarplaninac on its breed list , which requires an extensive ban on keeping, breeding and importing.

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