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St. David's Cathedral

The Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral ( Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David ) in the Welsh capital Cardiff , the Episcopal Church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff and the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Wales. Named after David of Menevia , the patron saint of Wales, the neo-Gothic church was built in 1884-1887 according to plans by Edward and Peter Paul Pugin as a parish church and in 1920 elevated to the status of cathedral of the newly founded Archdiocese of Cardiff.


After centuries of state repression, a Catholic community was able to re-establish itself in Cardiff at the beginning of the 19th century. Their first church on David Street was completed in 1842. Rapid membership growth made it necessary to build a second, larger church on Charles Street towards the end of the 19th century , which is now the cathedral. On March 3, 1941, St. David was badly damaged in a German air raid . It was only able to reopen in 1959 after years of reconstruction work.

Architecture and equipment

The cathedral, a vestibule church with an open wooden roof and a short, recessed, flat-closing choir , is kept in the strict forms of the early English Gothic . Chapels with arched openings are added to the yokes of the nave . The portal facade is flanked to the south by a tall square bell tower.

The original equipment is only partially preserved. It was supplemented by contemporary pieces after the destruction of the war and after the Second Vatican Council .


The organ was built in 1959 by the organ builder John Compton. The instrument has 48 registers on three manuals and a pedal .

I Choir Organ C – g 3
Contra Dulciana 16 ′
2 nd Diapason 8th'
Stopped diapason 8th'
Dulciana 8th'
Vox Angelica 8th'
Stopped Flute 4 ′
Dulcet 4 ′
Dulcet 12 th 2 23
Flautina 2 ′
Dulcet 15 th 2 ′
Acuta III
Krumhorn 8th'
Contra Tromba 16 ′
Tromba 8th'
II Great Organ C – g 3
Sub diapason 16 ′
1 st diapason 8th'
2 nd Diapason 8th'
Stopped diapason 8th'
Dulciana 8th'
Octave 4 ′
Stopped Flute 4 ′
Twelfth 2 23
Fifteenth 2 ′
Mixture II
Tromba 8th'
Octave Tromba 4 ′
III Swell Organ C – g 3
Contra viola 16 ′
Harmonic flute 8th'
viola 8th'
Harmonic flute 4 ′
viola 4 ′
Nazard 2 23
Piccolo 2 ′
Cymbals III
Contra skin boy 16 ′
Trumpet 8th'
Skin boy 8th'
Clarion 4 ′
Pedal Organ C – f 1
Sub bass 32 ′
Contra bass 16 ′
Sub bass 16 ′
Echo bass 16 ′
Octave 8th'
Flood 8th'
Flood 4 ′
Trombones 16 ′
Skin boy 16 ′
Tromba 8th'

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Coordinates: 51 ° 28 ′ 51.3 "  N , 3 ° 10 ′ 26.5"  W.