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Kaveh Nassirin (born 1965 in Hamburg ) is an Iranian-German publicist , author and philosophical essayist .

life and work

Nassirin heard analytical philosophy and philosophy of language, then turned to Ernst Cassirer's semiotic thought , but initially published in literary form in Hunzinger Verlag: u. a. Nedjad , about the cultural conflict between Orient and Occident, and Warte, only wait a while about the pre-Nazi murder of the Hanoverian police employee and mass murderer Fritz Haarmann . In 1990 he received the Hamburg Prize for Literature for the latter work . In 1996, his story Im Chaos der Zeiten was published in the Hamburger Ziegel .

Nassirin has worked as a freelance journalist since the early 1990s, including for the Hamburger Abendblatt , Die Woche , the Wochenpost , the taz , the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Spiegel Special . His approximately 200–250 contributions included medical ethics, physics, psychology, contemporary history, law and justice, and politics. For a contribution about the fear of racism after the riots in Hoyerswerda , Nassirin received the bronze medal of the Art Directors Club in 1992 .

In the case of the public mistreatment of the journalist Oliver Neß by police officers on May 30, 1994, Nassirin uncovered through the publication of protocols from internal files of the Hamburg public prosecutor's office in 1996 that Neß had been observed by the police and also by the state security department before the incident 331) was known. The revelation intervened in the proceedings of the Hamburg investigative committee "Hamburg Police" .

Nassirin has been living in seclusion in Lazio since 2005 . He "wrote works on applied semiotics , on the work of Martin Heidegger " and Ernst Cassirer and on topics of religion, mythology and archeology, including the essay Bacchic Wedding in the Villa of Mysteries , an "archaeological and art-historical detective decoding of the famous Pompeian frescoes ", And" after about two decades of withdrawn work, did not decide to publish again until 2018 "( Gerhard Oberschlick ).

After the philosopher Sidonie Kellerer and the linguist François Rastier referred in several newspaper articles in France in 2017 to an unknown paper that proves that the philosopher Martin Heidegger participated in the preparation of the Nuremberg Laws and the implementation of the Holocaust , Nassirin published the document in July 2018 in the FAZ , rejected the allegations as "completely untenable" and as " alternative truths " and thus triggered the debate about Martin Heidegger and fake news .

Works (selection)

Literary publications

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Philosophical essays

  • Heidegger's linguistic images of bottomlessness and uprooting and their antonyms 1922–1938 / 39: On stylistics, interpretation and translation , FORVM, October 2018
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