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Kitten Natividad in June 2007

Kitten Natividad (* 13. February 1948 in Ciudad Juarez , Chihuahua , Mexico as Francesca Isabel Natividad ) is a known Mexican-American pin-up - Model of the 1970s, through their participation in several films of Russ Meyer became famous. In contrast to other bosom wonders of the time, she has not only remained known to a small fan base, but has also become an icon of modern pop culture over the years .


Kitten Natividad was born as Francesca Natividad on February 13, 1948 in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, not far from El Paso , on the banks of the Rio Grande . She was the oldest of nine siblings; the mother was only sixteen when she was born. After a few years in Mexico, the family moved to El Paso in the USA.

As a young woman, Kitten Natividad worked as a maid in the household of actress Stella Stevens , where she met various Hollywood stars at parties and decided to become famous herself. During this time she had her first short marriage. After working in various low-paying jobs in Los Angeles, she first became a burlesque dancer and go-go girl in 1969, and later a stripper . Soon after, she adopted her stage name Kitten , having been told Frances didn't sound lascivious enough. In 1973, her manager encouraged her to take part in the Miss Nude Universe competition, which she also won. In the following years she appeared in various nightclubs as a stripper and soon achieved national fame within the scene.

She met the film director Russ Meyer , who saw one of her appearances in a club in 1975, through a friend. Soon afterwards, Natividad separated from her second husband and began a relationship with Meyer, which lasted at least six years in total, and whom she initially wrote as the narrator in his 1976 film Up! ( Over, under and on ) started and afterwards she made the double role of Lola Langusta / Lavonia the leading actress of Beneath the Valley of Ultravixens . Before that, however, Meyer insisted that she work off her Mexican accent. With the help of a language trainer, she did this by adopting a southern dialect that covered her accent.

At the time, Natividad was a popular model in adult magazines , in which she a. a. posed together with Candy Samples , Uschi Digard and Patty Plenty . Her appearances as a stripper became more and more complex and turned into real shows. After her time with Russ Meyer, she appeared in a number of scenes in feature films, rock videos, and porn films.

For professional reasons and for the sake of Russ Meyer, Natividad had an oversized breast built up. In 1999 she underwent breast cancer treatment on both sides of the breast ( mastectomy ) with subsequent breast reconstruction. Meanwhile, Kitten Natividad has largely retired.


  • 1972: Los Angeles East Police Station (The New Centurions)
  • 1976: Deep Jaws
  • 1976: Over, under and on (Up!)
  • 1979: Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens
  • 1979: The Lady in Red
  • 1979: Sheer Panties
  • 1980: The Gong Show Movie
  • 1980: The Incredible Journey in a Crazy Plane (Airplane!)
  • 1980: John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens
  • 1982: titration
  • 1982: The Incredible Journey in a Crazy Spaceship (Airplane II: The Sequel)
  • 1982: Sizzle
  • 1982: Electric Blue 5
  • 1983: Eat at the Blue Fox
  • 1983: The Class Party (My Tutor)
  • 1983: Eroticise
  • 1983: Big Busty 3
  • 1984: Wrestling Classics 2
  • 1984: Let's Talk Sex
  • 1984: Wild Life (The Wild Life)
  • 1984: Police Patrol - The Chaotic Patrol from the Nachtrevier (Night Patrol)
  • 1984: Electric Blue 11
  • 1985: Ten Little Maidens
  • 1985: Takin 'It Off
  • 1985: Jail Total - This is where you sit right (Doin 'Time)
  • 1985: Bodacious Ta 'Ta's
  • 1986: Bad Girls IV
  • 1986: The secret of the tomb on the Nile (The Tomb)
  • 1986: Stiff Competition
  • 1987: Thanks for the Mammories
  • 1987: Takin 'It All Off
  • 1987: The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (TV series, episode)
  • 1990: And again 48 hours (Another 48 Hrs.)
  • 1990: The Girl I Want
  • 1991: Villa Wonnehügel (Big Boob Lottery)
  • 1991: Sarah Young's Private Fantasies 4
  • 1991: Titillation 3
  • 1991: Cum to Dinner
  • 1991: 40 the Hard Way
  • 1992: Eddie Presley
  • 1992: Inside Out II
  • 1992: Kitten Cums Back
  • 1992: Fresh Tits of Bel Air
  • 1993: Beach Bunnies (Buford's Beach Bunnies)
  • 1994: The Slice
  • 1995: Talking Blue
  • 1995: Red Lips
  • 1995: La cage aux zombies
  • 1996: United Trash - Director: Christoph Schlingensief
  • 1996: Wild Wild Chest 3
  • 1997: Zombie Gang Bangers
  • 1997: Cafe Flesh 2
  • 1997: The 120 Days of Bottrop - Director: Christoph Schlingensief
  • 1998: Some like it differently (The Treat)
  • 1998: Cum Stoppers 13
  • 2001: The Double-D Avenger
  • 2001: Night at the Golden Eagle
  • 2005: Faster Pussycat Fuck! Fuck!
  • 2005: Pornstar Pets - Director: Margie Schnibbe
  • 2008: Rock N Porn
  • 2009: Busty Mature Vixens 5
  • 2009: Nightbeats
  • 2009: Sugar Boxx


  1. From a third party and contrary to Natividad's own statements, it can be read several times that she won the title "Miss Nude Universe" not in 1973, but in both 1970 and 1971.
  2. Natividad himself makes different statements about the identity of this friend - sometimes it is about Shari Eubank , sometimes about Barbarella Catton .
  3. There are contradicting statements about the duration of her relationship with Russ Meyer, Natividad himself reports of a period of twelve years, elsewhere it is mentioned of fifteen years - according to some information, however, she is said to have been married up to three times - see below. a. also between 1981 and 1987.

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