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The Klangforum Wien is a soloist ensemble for new music .


Originally founded in March 1985 on the initiative of Beat Furrer as Société de l'Art Acoustique , the first concert took place on June 13, 1985. On January 30, 1989, the ensemble played for the first time under the name Klangforum Wien . Until 1990 there were regular concerts in the Vienna Secession , and since 1990 it has had its own cycle in the Wiener Konzerthaus .

The Klangforum Wien has been registered as an association since 1991, with Beat Furrer and Roman Haubenstock-Ramati as presidents. In the same year he made his debut at the Witten Days for New Chamber Music . In August 1992 Peter Oswald became director of the Klangforum, and under his direction it developed into one of the first ensembles for new music worldwide. After 22 concerts in the previous year, the Klangforum played 60 concerts in 1993, including debuts at the Graz Music Protocol , the Salzburg Zeitfluss Festival , the Salzburg Festival , the Alte Oper in Frankfurt and the Biennale di Venezia . In 1994 the Klangforum played for the first time at the Center Georges-Pompidou , at the Darmstadt Summer Courses , the Bregenz Festival , the International Music Festival in Lucerne (now the Lucerne Festival ), at the Warsaw Autumn and at Wien Modern . Klangforum produced more than 500 works for the premiere (2012). It plays around 80 concerts a year and has recorded more than 70 CDs . Every year it offers a concert cycle in the Wiener Konzerthaus .

From 1999 to 2019 Sven Hartberger was the artistic director of the Klangforum Wien. He was followed by Peter Paul Kainrath in 2020.


The Klangforum Wien consists of 24 members: Joonas Ahonen (piano), Annette Bik (violin), Markus Deuter (oboe), Lorelei Dowling (bassoon), Andreas Eberle (trombone), Vera Fischer (flute), Eva Furrer (flute), Gunde Jäch-Micko (violin), Benedikt Leitner (violoncello), Andreas Lindenbaum (violoncello), Florian Müller (piano), Anders Nyqvist (trumpet), Dimitrios Polisoidis (viola), Gerald Preinfalk (saxophone), Mikael Rudolfsson (trombone), Sophie Schafleitner (violin), Lukas Schiske (percussion), Krassimir Sterev (accordion), Virginie Tarrête (harp), Olivier Vivarès, (clarinet), Christoph Walder (horn), Björn Wilker (percussion) and Bernhard Zachhuber (clarinet). Double bass is currently not occupied.

Former members of the Klangforum Wien: Ernesto Molinari , Donna Molinari, Marino Formenti , Andrew Jezek and Uli Fussenegger.

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