Konstantios (co-emperor of Thomas)

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Constantius ( Middle Greek Κωνστάντιος ; † 821 in Asia Minor) was the adopted son and co-regent of the Byzantine counter-emperor Thomas the Slav .


After Emperor Leo V was murdered in December 820 at the instigation of General Michael , Thomas rebelled against the new ruler in Constantinople and was crowned emperor in Asia Minor with the backing of Caliph Al-Ma'mun . On this occasion or shortly afterwards one of his military leaders was adopted by him under the name Konstantios and most likely made co-emperor. In the prosopography of the Middle Byzantine period , it is assumed that Thomas wanted to put the legitimacy of his claims on a broader basis in this way.

Constantius was supposed to keep his back free to Thomas during his advance on Constantinople with a strong army detachment in Asia Minor and to subdue the subjects of the Armeniakon and Opsikion , which were still related to Michael II. However, he suffered a heavy defeat against Olbianos , the strategos of Armeniakon, in 821 and was beheaded to death. In his place, Thomas adopted a certain Anastasios as co-regent.