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Kathleen Dee-Anne "Koo" Stark (born April 25, 1956 in New York City ) is an American actress , model and photographer . She was best known as the mistress of the English prince and later Duke of York, Andrew Mountbatten-Windsor .

Earlier life

Koo Stark is the daughter of the film producer Wilbur Stark (1912-1995), stage name Billy White , and his wife Kathi Norris. She grew up with her siblings Pamela and Bradley in New York and California .

During her high school days, she first stood in front of the camera as a model. In the 1970s, Koo Stark starred in a few films, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Cruel Passion (1977), and Justine (1977). In the 1977 film, Star Wars , she was a candidate for the role of Princess Leia , but instead played a few scenes as Camie that ultimately fell victim to editing . The role of rust in Doctor Who , a British science fiction - television series , has been reshuffled with Sarah Berger because Stark had until recently demanded too high a film Gage. Stark's most famous and controversial film was Emily (1977), in which she was naked in the shower with another woman.

Royal romance

In the early 1980s, Koo Stark had a love affair with Prince Andrew (* 1960), the second son of the British Queen Elizabeth II. After the English tabloid The Sun exposed her as a porn star and called him Randy Andy , the Queen spoke a word of power and ended the 18-month affair.

Later years

After her liaison with Prince Andrew, Koo Stark married London art gallery owner Tim Jefferies in 1984 . The marriage ended in divorce a year later. A daughter, Tatiana (* 1997), emerged from the relationship with the US banker and millionaire Warren Walker. In 2002, Koo Stark contracted breast cancer and had to have one breast removed, and the second a few months later. In 2004 she founded the organization Keep Abreast , which campaigns against breast cancer.

The professed Buddhist lives with her daughter alternately in London and New York.


  • 1974: All I Want Is You ... and You ... and You ...
  • 1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • 1975: Las adolescentes
  • 1975: Shades of Greene (TV series, episode)
  • 1976: Emily
  • 1977: ITV Sunday Night Drama (TV series, episode)
  • 1977: Justine - Cruel Passion
  • 1984: Electric Dreams
  • 1986: The Two Ronnies (TV series, one episode)
  • 1987: Eat the Rich
  • 1989: Red Dwarf (TV series, an episode)
  • 1991: Cluedo (TV series, six episodes)

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