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Kurt Ebbinghaus (* 1902 ; † March 18, 1966 in Baden-Baden ) was a German actor and radio play speaker .


Kurt Ebbinghaus began his stage career in the 1920s and has since worked on numerous German-speaking stages such as in Oberhausen, Essen, Zurich and Wuppertal, where he joined in 1934. There he stayed for the remaining years of peace. Ebbinghaus spent most of the war years as a member of the Nuremberg Theater. He began his post-war career at small West German venues such as Witten before he was committed to the theater of the city of Baden-Baden.

Ebbinghaus appeared in several television films from the early 1950s, including a. directed by Karl Peter Biltz , Heinz Hilpert , Otto Kurth , Hannes Tannert , and Eugen York . He was also seen in Ludwig Cremer's film adaptation of Dürrenmatt's play The Visit of the Old Lady (1959). In Franz Peter Wirth's film adaptation of Schiller's Don Karlos (1963) he played the Grand Inquisitor. He had his last television role in the episode Das Heimatspiel of the television series Schlag nach im Grundgesetz! - Stories from Adorf (1968) as captain a. D. Prahlinger.

Ebbinghaus also had engagements in various theaters;

Ebbinghaus had been used as a speaker in well over 300 radio plays since 1927, according to the ARD radio play database. It must also be taken into account that in the aforementioned database (as of May 2019) the years from 1928 to the end of the war in 1945 have not yet been recorded.

After the war he was mainly heard as a spokesman for Südwestfunk from 1949 , u. a. in radio plays by Günter Eich or directed by Max Ophüls .

Ebbinghaus died in 1966 at the age of 63.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1954: A picture for life (Director: Karl Peter Biltz)
  • 1955: The Poshansk Puppets (Director: Karl Peter Biltz)
  • 1955: Where there is love, there is also God (Director: Hannes Tannert )
  • 1955: The Solomonic Breakfast (Director: Karl Peter Biltz)
  • 1959: The Old Lady's Visit (Direction: Ludwig Cremer )
  • 1959: The Cherry Orchard (Director: Heinz Hilpert )
  • 1960: Riot (Director: Eugen York )
  • 1961: The Ice Cold Night (Director: Otto Kurth )
  • 1963: Don Carlos - Infant of Spain (Director: Franz Peter Wirth )
  • 1965: Daring Game (TV series)
  • 1965: Arrival by night (Director: Karl Peter Biltz)
  • 1966: Large ring with outer loop (Director: Eugen York)
  • 1968: Look at the Basic Law! - Stories from Adorf (TV series)

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