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Ludwig Cremer (born July 4, 1909 in Duisburg , † November 23, 1982 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German director , actor and radio play speaker .


Ludwig Cremer is best known as a radio play director . In 1947 he produced Wolfgang Borchert's Draußen vor der Tür and Schnabel's epoch-making feature January 29 (both NWDR ). In 1949 he staged three episodes of the 35-part audio picture Goethe tells his life at NWDR. Even as a radio speaker, he appeared on the scene, as in several episodes of Goethe tells his life , further he introduced in 1954 as the narrator (first part) by Dylan Thomas ' famous radio play Under Milk Wood , one of the main characters then in 1956 in the the SWF produced five-part radio play On the green beach of the Spree by Hans Scholz or 1958 as the title hero in Doktor Schiwago , based on the novel of the same name by Boris Pasternak .

Cremer also worked for television in the 1960s and 70s. Here in particular his film adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt's The Visit of the Old Lady in 1959 became a street sweeper .

Some of Ludwig Cremer's radio plays have now been released on CD.


  • The Old Lady's Visit (1959)
  • Witch Hunt (1960)
  • The Fire Escape (1962)
  • Hours of Fear (1964)
  • 24 hours from a woman's life (1965)
  • Chamber music in the evening (1965)
  • Cristina's Journey Home (1965)
  • The country house (1965)
  • Klaus Fuchs - History of Nuclear Treason (1965)
  • The Misunderstanding (1966)
  • Wedding Night (1967)
  • Under curation (1970)
  • Visit around ten (1970)
  • Reflection period (1971)
  • Don Juan in Hell (1975)
  • A Case for Two (The Legacy) (1981)

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