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Hannes Tannert (born November 16, 1900 in Hamburg , † March 16, 1976 in Baden-Baden ) was a German theater , radio play and film director , theater director , actor and radio play speaker .


Tannert had attended the Paßmannsche Privat-Realschule in his hometown Hamburg and received private acting lessons from Ludwig Hartau immediately after the First World War . After a few insignificant acting engagements, he was brought to the Gießen City Theater in 1928 as chief director and deputy director. In 1933 Tannert was the artistic director of the Krefeld City Theater, and in 1935 he was acting director in Dortmund. From 1936 to 1943 he was acting director at the theater in Bremen. The remaining war years he worked as director of the Städtisches Schauspielhaus in Stuttgart.

The post-war period began for Hannes Tannert in 1946 as director of the Theater der Jugend, also in Stuttgart. He stayed there for two years before he was hired as director of the Baden-Baden theater in 1949 . Since the late 1940s he has also worked as a radio play director for Südwestfunk . Under his direction, an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's one-act cycle Lebendige Stunden (1949) was created for the literary series . From the mid-1950s he worked as a director of television productions; his first directorial work was the Kömodie Towarisch , with Hannsgeorg Laubenthal , Ettore Cella and Käthe Lindenberg in the leading roles. In the following years he mainly shot comedies with well-known actors like Agnes Fink (in the Shaw adaptation Pygmalion ), Harry Meyen ( How do I lead a marriage? ), Maria Perschy ( Fanny ), Fritz Eckhardt ( your bridegroom ) and Tilla Durieux ( your 106th birthday ).

In the early 1960s, Tannert still made the television play Chiarevalle is discovered (1963), based on a script by Martin Walser and Joachim Wedekind (based on the comedy by Nicola Manzari ), with Harald Leipnitz , Max Mairich and Olga von Togni in the leading roles. Until 1965 he was director of the Baden-Baden Theater. Furthermore, Tannert worked as a radio play speaker, u. a. in Tolstoy's Resurrection (1964) and Actor, featured in Fog Murderers (1964) and the theatrical recording Stocks and Laurels (1967).


  • 1955: Towarisch
  • 1955: Where there is love, there is also God
  • 1956: The dreaming girl
  • 1956: How do I get married?
  • 1956: Pygmalion (after George Bernard Shaw)
  • 1956: The Long Christmas Supper (after Thornton Wilder )
  • 1957: her 106th birthday
  • 1958: Fanny (after Marcel Pagnol )
  • 1958: My son, the Minister
  • 1958: her bridegroom
  • 1958: The Muck
  • 1959: The blue straw hat
  • 1959: Old Heidelberg
  • 1961: The pious sisters
  • 1963: Chiarevalle is discovered
  • 1965: Panoptikum

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