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Cyril VI Tanas (* 1680 in Damascus ; † January 10, 1760 ) was an important patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in the union movement with the Roman Catholic Church .


Cyril VI Tanas, whose real name is Seraphim Tanas, was the nephew of Euthymios Saifi , the bishop of Tire and Sidon. He had great sympathy for the Latin Church and was elected Patriarch of Antioch in Damascus on September 20, 1724 . It was consecrated on October 1st by Neophytus Nasri in Damascus Cathedral . The Patriarch of Constantinople , Jeremias III. , was the choice of Kyrillos VI. not benevolent towards, because he wanted to prevent a stronger jurisdictive influence of the Latin Church , not only in the area of Syria . Before that, a synod took place in Constantinople in 1722 , which addressed the Latinization tendencies of the Orthodox churches that were under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople , including the Melkite patriarchates of Alexandria , Antioch and Jerusalem .

Through his ecclesiastical primacy, Jeremias III appointed. Sylvester , a Greek monk from Holy Mount Athos , became Patriarch of Antioch ( Rum Orthodox Church ). Despite the resistance of Jeremias III. recognized Pope Benedict XIV. Cyril, who advocated the union with Rome, as patriarch in 1729. The ecclesiastical union became official with the presentation of the pallium in the year 1744, on February 29th, which Kyrillos VI. Tanas received, sealed. Cyril VI Tanas was patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church from 1724 to 1759/60 . His successors were Athanasios IV. Jahwar and Maximos II. Hakim .

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