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Lūcijs Endzelīns (born May 21, 1909 in Dorpat , Livonia Governorate , † October 27, 1981 in Adelaide , Australia ) was a Latvian-Australian chess player .

Life and career as a chess player

Lūcijs Endzelīns participated for Latvia at the national tournament Chess Olympia 1936 (seventh board, result +10 = 2 −6) and at the official Chess Olympiads in Stockholm 1937 (first reserve board, +6 = 4 −2) and Buenos Aires 1939 (fourth board, +7 = 3 −5) part.

Endzelīns emigrated to Australia via Germany at the end of World War II , where he won the South Australian Championship several times. He won the biennial Australian Championship 1960–1961.

In correspondence chess Endzelīns was awarded the title of grandmaster in 1959 . At the second correspondence chess world championship 1956-1959 he reached the shared second to third place with Lothar Schmid with better evaluation . In the third correspondence chess world championship 1959-1962 he was seventh and in the fifth correspondence chess world championship 1965-1969 shared seventh to eighth with Julius Nielsen with the same fine evaluation.


Endzelīns was the son of the linguist Jānis Endzelīns and husband of the chess master Milda Lauberte .

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