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Fanzine and CD booth at a Ladyfest
Workshop at a Ladyfest
Handicraft fair at a Ladyfest

A ladyfest is an art - event , which mostly of women and transgender organized -People. They share the common goal of countering the underrepresentation of women and girls within the music and art scene.

The first Ladyfest took place in Olympia (Washington) in August 2000 , and inspired a participant to the first Girls Rock Camp the following year . The following year, there were five such events, including one in Europe, Glasgow ( Scotland ). Since then, the number of lady festivals organized worldwide has increased every year. The first Ladyfest in Germany took place in 2003 in Hamburg.

The Ladyfest idea picks up subcultural elements from the Riot Grrrl movement and DIY approaches and develops them further; Usually the multi-day event offers a wide range of workshops , concerts, parties, readings, films, discussion events and exhibitions with queer / feminist topics.


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