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Folio Publishing House

legal form Owner-run publisher
founding 1994
Seat Bolzano and Vienna
management Hermann Gummerer, Ludwig Paulmichl
Number of employees 7th
Branch Fiction, non-fiction and art books

The Folio Publishing is a publishing house for literature, non-fiction, contemporary art and travel literature. It was founded in 1994 by Hermann Gummerer and Ludwig Paulmichl with headquarters in Bolzano and Vienna .

Publishing program


Prose: The Folio Verlag offers sophisticated contemporary literature from German-speaking, Italian and Southeastern Europe. This international orientation aims to convey different cultural, ethnic and linguistic-literary perspectives - against nationalistic narrowing and exclusion. In addition to publications by contemporary Austrian authors such as Herbert Rosendorfer , Martin Kubaczek and Klemens Renoldner , outstanding writers from South Tyrol ( Claus Gatterer , Anita Pichler , Josef Oberhollenzer , Maxi Obexer as well as adaptations by Oswald von Wolkenstein ), the Folio Verlag realizes in the literary essay series “Transfer Library “Translations from Italian and English as well as from Eastern and Southeastern European language areas.

Translations: The publishing house is an important intermediary for authors from Italy , Slovenia , Croatia , Serbia , Bosnia and Russia , who have been made available to a broader public in Germany, Austria and Switzerland thanks to the translation and reception in the German-language features section. The authors whose works are published in German by Folio Verlag include Bora Ćosić , Goran Vojnović and Zoran Ferić . Also represented are Dmitri Prigow , the leading figure of Russian conceptualism and patriarch of the literary underground in Moscow, who died in 2007, Vincenzo Consolo , the grande dame of Italian literature Dacia Maraini , Valeria Parrella , Emilio Lussu , Pier Paolo Pasolini and Giuseppe Zigaina.

Crime and thriller: Eva Rossmann , the most successful Austrian crime writer, published by Folio Verlag. In her thrillers around the journalist and hobby detective Mira Valensky, she combines social engagement and political topics with exciting entertainment. The explosive political thriller Dirty hands and Romanzo Criminale penned Giancarlo De Cataldos are translated by Karin Fleischanderl. Both books made it onto the KrimiZEIT best list three times in a row .

Poetry: The eight-volume edition of the poems by the German-British poet Michael Hamburger (translated by Peter Waterhouse ), who is one of the most important poets of the last few decades, is published by the publisher. With Andrea Zanzotto , the publishing house has another great poet in its range. Among other things, the publisher received the “Premio Nazionale per la Traduzione” from the Italian Ministry of Culture for the planned publication of Zanzotto's nine-volume work.

Art books and exhibition catalogs

Folio publishes books on architecture and contemporary art as well as exhibition catalogs . Artists represented in the publishing house include Valie Export , Nedko Solakov , Volker Lang , Peter Sellars , Markus Vallazza , Lois Weinberger , Heinz Gappmayr , Emily Jacir and Esra Ersen. From 1998 to 2013 Folio Verlag distributed the renowned magazine on the criticism and theory of contemporary culture springerin - Hefte für Gegenwartskunst .

travel Guide

The publisher is paying special attention to South Tyrol . The travel guides summarized under the title “FOLIO Experience South Tyrol”, including by Andreas Gottlieb Hempel, Oswald Stimpfl, Luisa Righi , Josef Rohrer and Stefan Wallisch , provide tips away from the mainstream tourism.

Nonfiction and cookbooks

In the non-fiction area, the publications on “ Ötzi ”, the “man from the ice”, deserve special mention. The youth non-fiction book Die Gletschermummy by Gudrun Sulzenbacher was awarded the Austrian children's and youth non-fiction award. Her picture book Vom Buchermachen received the Youth Book Prize of the City of Vienna. The picture book "Technology in the Alps" was nominated in 2017 for the German Youth Literature Prize. In the cookbooks section, “Chives instead of parsley” by Anna Matscher - the first and so far only woman among South Tyrol's star chefs - stands out. Herbert Hintner's My South Tyrolean Cuisine was awarded first prize in the “Mediterranean Cuisine” category of the Gourmand World Cookbook Award .

Authors (selection)

Carlo Bonini, Massimo Carlotto , Gianrico Carofiglio , Vincenzo Consolo , Gioacchino Criaco , Bora Ćosić , Giancarlo De Cataldo , Roberta Dapunt, Zoran Ferić , Lorenz Gallmetzer , Claus Gatterer (posthumously), Ernst von Glasersfeld , Michael Hamburger , Hans Heiss , Drago Jančar , Martin Kubaczek, Norman Lewis (posthumous), Emilio Lussu (posthumous), Alberto Manguel , Dacia Maraini , Ippolito Nievo (posthumous), Josef Oberhollenzer , Hannes Obermair , Maxi Obexer , Pier Paolo Pasolini (posthumous), Georg Paulmichl , Anita Pichler (posthumous ), Dmitri Prigow , Klemens Renoldner , Herbert Rosendorfer , Eva Rossmann , Gerhard Ruiss , Paolo Rumiz , Giorgio Scerbanenco (posthumously), Andrea Zanzotto , Giuseppe Zigaina.


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