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The valve publishing house was founded in 1999 as a merger of the publishing Jens Neumann, the literary magazine Valves - & Texts Pictures (amanita-media), and the book series testcard - contributions to pop history founded. The publishing house is in Mainz .

In 2004, Ventil Verlag and Bender Verlag, founded in 1999 and managed by Theo Bender , merged .


Ventil Verlag focuses on the areas of pop theory , pop history , social criticism and analysis, and cultural studies . Publications include books on hip-hop ("American Rap"), free jazz ("How They Do It"), pop journalism ("Ignorance and Staging - Writing About Pop"), pop literature ("From Acid to Adlon"), Punk , hardcore punk (" If the kids are united " and "Philosophy of Punk"), as well as right-wing and reactionary tendencies in pop culture ("How does the New Center sound?"), Feminism and queer studies (books such as "Female HipHop" , “Hot Topic - Pop Feminism Today”, edited by Sonja Eismann, the “Sex” edition of the testcard series and “Berlin Bromley” by Bertie Marshall, who, as a contemporary witness, takes a queer view of the early British punk movement). In the fiction program published authors who are themselves involved in the music scene, including the music journalist Kerstin Grether , Sebastian Ingenhoff and Linus Volkmann , Muff Potter singer Nagel, Lee Hollis (Spermbirds / Steak Knife) and Tomte singer Thees Uhlmann ( "We could Friends The Tocotronic Tour Diaries "). One of the longstanding authors is Jan Off , who lives in Hamburg and whose novel “Pre-War Youth” has had six editions since 2003. 2017 appeared with “Pre-war youth. In the Shadow of Chaos “the sequel as a long-playing record. The publisher also has internationally active musicians such as Frank Turner , Penny Rimbaud , Bertie Marshall and Avi Pitchon in its program. With books like “Deutschlandwunder” by the authors' collective kittkritik, the publisher has also increasingly positioned itself in the field of critical theory and criticism of nationalism. Above all, the publisher is known for books on pop theory and pop discourse, it has published books by internationally renowned authors such as Simon Reynolds , Alexei Monroe , Steven Lee Beeber and Alex Ogg .

The publisher regularly publishes the “testcard” book series, edited by Jonas Engelmann , Anna Seidel , Jana Sotzko , Holger Adam , Christian Werthschulte , Laura Schwinger , Johannes Ullmaier and Roger Behrens . The editorial team also included the music journalist Tine Plesch, who died in 2004, and Martin Büsser, who died in 2010 . Parallel to the “testcard”, the series “testcard-Zwergobst” has been published since 2012, in which essays by Frank Apunkt Schneider , Jonas Engelmann, Wolfgang Seidel , Sonja Vogel and Yvonne Kunz appeared.

Bender-Verlag has added literature on the subject of film to the program. These include non-fiction books on directors such as Robert Altman , Steven Soderbergh , Aki Kaurismäki and István Szabó as well as general topics on the Nouvelle Vague, the cinema of minimalism (Ozu and others) on modern film theory and theatricality such as Hong Kong cinema and pop and cinema. After Theo Bender left, books on film topics were also published under the Ventil Verlag label, most recently “Queer Cinema”, edited by Dagmar Brunow and Simon Dickel , and “Czechoslovakian New Wave. The film miracle of the sixties ”, edited by Jonas Engelmann , Andreas Rauscher and Josef Rauscher .

Furthermore, the publisher was trend-setting early on in terms of vegan cookbooks and nutrition guides. Since the publishing house was founded, the Ox-Fanzine has published the "Boneless Cooking" series , as well as the "The Lotus and the Artichoke" books by Justin P. Moore. In addition, guides such as "Goodbye vegan cliché" by Niko Rittenau, or "Vegan, but cheap" by Patrick Bolk were published.


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