Larry Smith (drummer)

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Vivian Stanshall and Larry Smith
(Bonzo Dog Band, 1968)

Larry "Legs" Smith (born January 18, 1944 in Oxford ) is a British drummer .


Smith was brought to the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band by founding member Vivian Stanshall in late 1965 . Originally a tuba player, he became a permanent member as a drummer. He appeared with the band in the Beatles ' TV movie Magical Mystery Tour in 1967 and in the comedy series Do Not Adjust Your Set between 1967 and 1969 . After the band broke up in 1972, Smith worked in the studio with Elton John , John Cale and Victor Lovera .

Smith was a close friend of George Harrison . He contributed vocals for his album Extra Texture and designed the cover for Gone Troppo . Harrison dedicated the title His Name Is Legs (Ladies and Gentlemen) to him on Extra Texture . Smith appeared in a supporting role in the 1983 Harrison-produced film A Reckless Sky Dog .

In 2001 Smith released the EP Springtime for Hitler , with titles from the Mel Brooks film Springtime for Hitler . In 2006 he performed with the former Bonzos Neil Innes , Roger Ruskin Spear, Rodney Slater, Sam Spoons, Vernon Dudley Bowhay-Nowell and Bob Kerr at the Astoria in London, further tours in various formations and a new studio album followed. He also appeared occasionally with the band Three Bonzos and a Piano (with Roger Spear and Rodney Slater).

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  • Topo D. Bil 1970 Single: ( Witchi Tai To / Jam ) - Charisma CB 116
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  • Various Artists 1983 Bullshot (soundtrack) - Handmade Films

Collaborations and participation:

  • Elton John 1972 LP: ( Honky Château ) - DJM Records DJLPH 423 (on the track I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself)
  • John Cale 1972 LP: ( Academy In Peril ) - RepriseREP 44212 (on Legs Larry At Television Center)
  • Todd Rundgren 1974 LP: ( Todd ) (on the track Useless Begging)
  • George Harrison 1975 LP: ( Extra Texture ) - Apple Records PAS 10009 (on the track His Name Is Legs (Ladies And Gentlemen))

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