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The food industry or nutrition industry as an economic branch comprises the economic sectors that deal with the commercial production, processing and trading of foodstuffs or foodstuffs . It is part of agribusiness , which is viewed as an agricultural and food economy.


The definitions vary greatly depending on the economic region and epoch. According to the statistical classification of economic sectors in the European Community . This does not differentiate between company size, production technology, ownership structure in the food industry and the food trade , but brings together similarities in production and operating results. These are branches of industry from Section C “Manufacturing / production of goods”, Section G “Trade” and Section I “Hospitality”. Companies with a wide range of products regularly overlap with Section A “Agriculture and Fisheries”.

Business sectors by department

  • Department 12: Tobacco processing is partially included if the same legal framework is applied

Trade media

Some German-language specialist media report specifically on the food industry:

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