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Leo Franz Schrade (born December 13, 1903 in Allenstein, East Prussia (today Olsztyn, Poland), † September 21, 1964 in Spéracèdes , France ) was a German - American musicologist.


Schrade studied from 1923 at the universities in Heidelberg , Munich and Leipzig and also took individual courses at the Mannheim Conservatory; Adolf Sandberger was among his teachers . After receiving his doctorate in Leipzig in 1927, he received teaching assignments at the universities in Bonn and Königsberg, where he completed his habilitation in 1929. On July 6, 1937, Schrade was dismissed from the service of the University of Bonn because of “Jewish infiltration” .

In 1938 he emigrated to the USA, where he lectured at Yale University until 1958 , initially as a visiting professor from 1943 and finally as a full professor of music history from 1948.

In 1957 he refused to move to Heidelberg University because he felt obliged to Yale, which had enabled him to set up the now renowned musicological institute. In 1958 Schrade returned to Europe after all to succeed Jacques Handschin as head of the musicological institute at the University of Basel ; he kept the job until his death.

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