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Jetty in the port of Hamburg

Berth in shipping refers to a place in the port or on the shore where watercraft are temporarily or permanently anchored or moored .

Water berth

A water mooring is located on a dock , a floating dock , a jetty , a pier , a quay or on a pier . It serves as a permanent location for a ship (fixed berth) or loading of cargo , while the jetty is used to accommodate passengers.

Land berth

Dry berth

An area or a hall where ships are stored and protected from the weather in winter, when temporarily not in use or for repairs, serves as a land berth, winter berth or dry berth. The ships are pulled out of the water on a boat trailer with a towing vehicle over a ramp ( slipping ) or with a cable winch on rails or lifted out of the water with a crane ( travel lift , truck crane, harbor crane) and later brought back to the water. So that the boats stand safely on land without a boat trailer, they are placed on a bearing block or underlaid with "pallet wood" and supported ( impact ).

In shipyards newly built ships after completion in the hall are often at a country berth ( Helling equipped done) before they are launched. The rigging is then set up in the water (the ship is " rigged ") before the ship can set off on its maiden voyage .

Beach mooring

Beach mooring
in the tidal port at low tide

Ships are simply pulled onto the beach. But that only works on flat coasts. This type of berth is still widespread in emerging countries today. In tidal waters , ships can be driven to the beach or port during high tide and then stand on their own keel when the tide is low ( dry traps ).



The boathouse stands on the bank and is built over the water. It serves as a "garage" for ships. In order to protect the ships from wave movements, they are lifted out of the water with a crane and then hang floating in the lifting straps under the roof. The boathouse is open on the water side or closed with a wing or roller door.

Dinghies, kayaks, row boats and surfboards are also stored in a boathouse.

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