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There were and are numerous middle-class families who bear the name Mayer (Meier or Meyer). Over the centuries there have been numerous noble families and people with this name. Therefore this list cannot be exhaustive either.


Maier, Daniel
Knighted in 1630
Maier, Daniel Wilhelm
War council, Prussian nobility on September 19, 1796
Maier von Winterhalde
Austrian nobility 1851


a family from Steyermärk, which was particularly well known in 1601 (Gauhe has fourteen different Mayr, Maier, Meier in Switzerland, see below)
Mayer, Kristof
Imperial courtier, achieved nobility in 1629
Mayer, Jakob Kristof
Imperial Court Chamber Chancellery, confirmation of nobility 1630 (possibly identical to Mayer 1629)
Mayer, Johann
Lower Austrian landscape treasurer, nobility 1654
Brothers in the Austrian service were ennobled
Mayer, Adam
Margravial Burgau secretary, nobility 1658
Mayer Balthasar
Administrator of the Großenzersdorf Regional Court in the Austrian hereditary lands, was raised to imperial nobility in 1665
Mayer, F.
curbavarian secret council, was raised to the nobility
Mayer, Lorenz
Pfleger in Wangen in Tirol, received a letter of arms in 1676, Karl Lorenz Meyer, the Bavarian State Debt Repayment Commission assessor and wholesaler in Munich, received a knight and nobility diploma from the king on March 10, 1808 at the request of the Tyrolean estates
Mayer, Johann Adam
Administrator of the salt industry in Silesia, was made an imperial knight in 1692
Mayer, Johann
obtained the nobility in 1710
Mayer (or Mayersfelsen), Johann Bertrand
The Lower Austrian Chamber Procurator Johann Bertrand Mayer was raised to the rank of imperial knighthood as Edler von Mayer in 1715 .
Mayer, Andreas
in the service of the Electorate of Saxony, was ennobled on February 20, 1747
Mayer, Johann Adam
The court counselor and senior chamber master was raised to the rank of imperial knight in 1764 as Edler von Mayer .
Mayer Johann Kristian
was ennobled in 1773
Mayer, Paul
The retired sergeant major was knighted in 1786.
Mayer, Christoph Friedrich
Major, Prussian nobility October 15, 1786
Mayer, Josef Anton and Fidel Damian
The brothers were ennobled in 1789, they belonged to the Biberach patricians.
Mayer, Johann Georg
Hofrat and Rentmeister in Passau, received a nobility diploma on July 6th, 1792 from the course Karl Theodor.
Mayer (Mayr)
Knighted by Elector Max Josef of Bavaria in 1801.
Mayer, Dr. Karl Wilhelm Traugott
Lawyer and owner of Ruppersdorf, was ennobled on February 10, 1822 by the King of Saxony.
Mayer, Johann Andreas Eduard
Prussian nobility on May 20, 1865
Mayer, Anna Franziska Antonia
She received the Hessian nobility on June 30, 1875.

With nicknames

Mayer von Adlertreu, Johann Anton
Johann Anton Mayer, a salt-silver-maker, was ennobled on March 7, 1794 with the nickname of Adlertreu.
Mayer von Ahrdorf, Eduard
ollmützer archivist, ennobled on October 6, 1875
Mayer von Alten-Pankstein,
Imperial nobility on March 11, 1613 for the brothers Niklas, Augustin, Michael Johann, Moses and Konrad.
Mayer von Bennigshofen, Johann Rudolf
ennobled 1706
Mayer von Bocksdorf, Konrad
ennobled May 22, 1586
Mayer von Eichrode, F.
The Austrian Colonel F. Mayer, commandant of Pavia, was ennobled in 1859 with von Eichrode .
Mayer von Falkhen, Johann Jakob
Military, May 12, 1599
Mayer von Fuchstadt
A Carinthian family who held the office of heirloom master in Carinthia.
Mayer von Gravenegg, Josef
An Austrian gender. Josef Mayer von Gravenegg was Vice President of the kk general court chamber on March 6, 1850.
Mayer von Hagenthal, Johann Leopold
The vice-cathedral office counter-trader Johann Leopold Mayer zu Linz was elevated to the rank of imperial knighthood as Edler von Hagenthal in 1715 .
Mayer von Heldenfeld, Anton
The FML was elevated to the baron status in 1816.
Mayer von Heldensfeld, Johann
The Unterlieutnant was ennobled in 1777 with the nickname von Heldensfeld (probably identical with Heldenfeld), the FML Anton Mayer von Heldensfeld received the baron status in 1816, the District Judge Anton MvH on October 22, 1850.
Mayer von Löwenschwert, Josef
The Austrian captain was ennobled in 1811 with the nickname of the lion sword. In 1850 Colonel Friedrich Mayer von Löwenschwert was raised to the baron status.
Mayer von Mayendorn, Martin
The Austrian Gubernialrat in Galicia was ennobled in 1851 as von Mayendorn (also von Mayborn).
Mayer Mayenburg, Johann Jakob (Mayer or Meyer)
From Schaffhausen, several imperial princes councilor and personal medicus, was ennobled by Emperor Karl VI in 1706 with the nickname of Mayenburg .
Mayer von Mayenfeld, Jakob Friedrich
The Imperial and Royal War Commissioner Jakob Friedrich Mayer was ennobled as Edler von Mayerfeld in 1743 .
Mayer von Mayeregg, Jakob Christof
The keeper of Steinach Jakob Christof Mayer was ennobled by von Mayeregg in 1710 , with the coat of arms shield shared above a lion below an owl with a crown instead of the head; Johann Mayer von Mayeregg , Typographus, died in Salzburg in 1703, Mrs. Anna Viktoria nee Mayer von Mayeregg was Josef Max Kornhauser von Sternfeld's housewife, died in Salzburg on March 28, 1788
Mayer from Mayer zu Payern and Perlburg, Josef
Lawyer in Botzen, nobility on July 30, 1857
Mayer von Mayern, Johann Gottfried
The secret judicial councilor Johann Gottfried Mayer was ennobled in 1770 with Edler von Mayern
Mayer from Mayersbach, Moritz
The doctor from Prague was knighted in 1812. His father, the councilor and personal physician Johann Ignaz Mayer, was ennobled in 1744 with the above nickname
Mayer von Mayersberg, Heinrich
The councilor from Wroclaw was raised to the bohemian nobility in 1704. He died without leaving any offspring. He was born in Nuremberg. His father Lorenz and grandfather Heinrich Lorenz Mayer as well as his great-grandfather Konrad Mayer already held important positions there. The latter lost his life as a captain of the district troops
Mayer von Mayersberg, Stefan Anton Franz
The Oberamtmann Stefan Anton Franz Mayer zu Klosterwald was ennobled in 1736 with the nickname of Mayersberg
Mayer von Mayersfeld, Niklas
The Imperial and Royal Captain Niklas Mayer was ennobled in 1759 with the nickname von Mayersfeld
Mayer of Mayersfels
Nobility title 1590; Imperial nobility as from and on Maschcowitz 1610; Bohemian knighthood 1667; Bavarian knighthood 1808
Mayer von Meyernstein, Matthias Rudolf
Rittmeister, nobility on January 11, 1688
Mayer von Mayrau, Dr. Kajetan
The Austrian Ministerialrat in the Department of the Interior Dr. Kajetan Mayer (1811-1883) achieved the nobility in April 1854 and was raised as a baron by Mayrau .
Mayer von Meirburg or Mayerberg, Augustin
Imperial Chamber Councilor, became a baron in 1666. The same was ambassador to Moscow.
Mayer of Montcarnbien, Anton
Major of the Hunter, March 13, 1867
Mayer von Oberschellang, Johann
Nobilized October 12, 1680
Mayer zu Peyrn and Perburg
The licentiate of rights and district court advocate Mayer was ennobled in 1757 with the nickname zu Peyrn and Perburg.
Mayer von Purkriett, Georg
Nobilized April 7, 1593
Mayer von Quellenbach, Lorenz
Lieutenant Lorenz Mayer was ennobled in 1816 with the nickname of Quellenbach .
Mayer von Reichheimb, Franz Gottlieb
The war treasurer in the Upper Austrian countryside, Franz Gottlieb Mayer, was ennobled in 1714 with the nickname of Reichheimb .
Mayer von Sonnenberg, Georg
The captain Georg Mayer was ennobled in 1814 with the nickname of Sonnenberg .
Mayer von Starkenthurm, Johann
Austrian nobility, Johann Mayer von Starkenthurm was a captain in the 45th kk infantry regiment in 1857.
Mayer on Starzhausen, Hubert
The royal Bavarian court counselor Hubert Mayer received a noble diploma from the Palatinate Countess of Zeil on August 25, 1784 and an electoral confirmation on November 29 of that year.
Mayer von Stein, Albrecht
Ennobled 1602
Mayer von Stolzenberg, Georg Friedrich
The Imperial and Royal Rittmeister Georg Friedrich Mayer was ennobled in 1765 with the nickname of Stolzenberg .
Mayer von Wandelsheim, Matthias
The Imperial Vicariate Court Agent Matthias Mayer received a noble diploma from Elector Karl Theodor on September 10, 1790.
Mayer von Weidhausen, Kaspar
Ennobled 1594
Mayer von Wildenfels, Franz Xaver
The Austrian Rittmeister Franz Xaver Mayer was ennobled in 1810 with the nickname of Wild (en) Felsen .
Mayer von der Winterhalde, Adolf
Austrian major in the Peterwardein border regiment No. 9, was raised to knightly nobility in 1851.
Mayer von Wopretic (Opretic), Nikolaus
September 14, 1538
Mayer on Zaar, Josef
The landowner Josef Mayer received a royal Bavarian nobility diploma on January 19, 1814.


Basel nobility, coat of arms a fallen arrow and moon on top of each other (Hemman Meier (1402), Adelberg Meier mayor of Basel (1548), also Bernhart (1558) the latter had sons. The tribe was still flourishing in 1580)
A Silesian family that is said to come from Mecklenburg. In 1768 the family received the Lithuanian nobility, including the councilor Iwan Alexander von Meier († April 11, 1847). Gentlemen on Ransen, coat of arms: in blue above a growing silver crescent moon, a silver arrow above, accompanied by two silver stars. Three silver and two blue ostrich feathers adorn the crowned helmet, the covers of which are blue and silver
Another sex, settled on Paradis in East Prussia
Meier, Ludwig Arnhold Ernst
On May 5, 1888, the government councilor and curator of the University of Göttingen Ludwig Arnhold Ernst Meyer received the Prussian nobility


Meyer, Kurt
Rittmeister, was ennobled in the 17th century. He died as a general from Celle. It seems that the family with his son Karl Ludwig von Meyer zu Thedinghausen has died out
Meyer, Johann Adam
imperial administrator of the Salt Office in Silesia, was raised to the nobility in 1692
Meyer, Franz
former Kurmainzer customs clerk at Gernsheim and Keller at Burgjosa and Hausen, was raised to the nobility by Emperor Leopold. The diploma was issued around 1712. His son Johann Georg was Reichshofratkanzlist
Meyer, Samuel Sebastian
Lieutenant Colonel near Buddenbrock, Prussian nobility on May 16, 1729
Originally a noble family from Mecklenburg, from which several officers are in the Prussian army. Heinrich Meyer, the oldest mayor of Bremen, who was ennobled in 1743, may be the progenitor of this family. (Possibly Heinrich Meier II. )
Meyer, Andreas
Mayor of Saxony, was ennobled in 1747
Meyer, Johann Joachim
Major in Kleist Hussars, gained the Prussian nobility on October 20, 1769
A noble family from Pomerania and Mecklenburg, from which several officers were in the Prussian army. The family was knighted on April 3, 1771.
Meyer, Daniel Wilhelm
President of the South Prussian government, was ennobled on October 2, 1776
Prussian nobility on October 2, 1786
Meyer, Christian Heinrich
Grand-ducal Lithuanian sergeant, received imperial nobility in 1788
Prussian nobility on June 6, 1739
Meyer (Meyern), Johann Anton
Coming from Hildesheim and married to a respected Frankfurt merchant, he and his brothers were raised to the nobility by Emperor Josef II . His son Johann Friedrich von Meyer became known as a poet as well as a theologian. He bought his way in Frankfurt and died in 1849 as the president of the appeal and criminal court, as well as an envoy to the Bundestag in Frankfurt.
Meyer, Christian Daniel
imperial Russian major and his two brothers Heinrich Rudolf Gotthard and Johann Anton, were ennobled in 1789
Prussian nobility on July 7, 1798
another family, Prussian nobility on July 6, 1798
Meyer, Christoph
was ennobled in Vienna in 1817
on Czarnotul in the Grand Duchy of Poznan around 1823 with Gozdawa coat of arms
Meyer, Bernhard
former state clerk in Lucerne was ennobled by Austria in 1854
Meyer, Leuthold Wilhelm Sinnrich
Prussian nobility July 1, 1865
Prussian nobility February 28, 1885 and June 13, 1883 for the sons of the Hanoverian lieutenant general Hans Georg Meyer

With nicknames

Meyer von Festenwald, Johann
The Austrian officer Johann Meyer was ennobled on September 15, 1841 as von Festenwald
Meyer von Bergersdorf, Anton Peter
was knighted in 1777
Meyer von Jegersbach, Anton Peter
Ennobled in 1777
Meyer von Knonau
an old noble family in the canton of Zurich, which has been there since 1363. The parent company is Knonau Castle. Rudolf Meyer von Knonau is the progenitor - living in the 13th century - of whom the lineage is uninterrupted diplomatically certain to the present day
Meyer von Meyerfeld, Heinrich
received the Bohemian nobility on September 3, 1707. Wilhelm Ludwig Meyer achieved imperial nobility in 1757 with the above surname, including: Ferdinand von Meyerfeld
Meyer von Meyersbach, Melchior Kristof
achieved the nobility in 1634
Meyer von Meyersbach, Gottfried Joachim
The Kommerzienrat Gottfried Joachim Meyer was ennobled in 1756 with the above surname. The family moved to Vienna in 1768, and in 1760 they were knighted.
Meyer zu Polling, Hieronimus
Landowner in Pollingen from Aarau in Switzerland, received the nobility from the King of Bavaria on May 23, 1814.
Meyer von Segeberg
an imperial knightly family from Swabia . The princely Thurn and Taxis secret councilor and personal physician Franz Xaver Meyer (also: Maier, Mayer, Meyer) was raised to knightly nobility on June 23, 1760 as Meyer von Segeberg .
Meyer von Starkenbach, Karl Theophil
Prussian nobility on September 14, 1779
Meyer von Urach, Ernst Karl Wilhelm
Lieutenant Ernst Karl Wilhelm Meyer received Prussian nobility on March 3, 1791 under the name Meyer von Urach.

Mayer bei Gauhe (especially Swiss genders)

In Gauhe, all Meyer and Mayr are subsumed.

  • Mayr from Herdliberg
  • Mayr von Glacis and Hochfelden
  • Mayr von Windeck
  • Mayr from Reidnow
  • Mayr from Sickingen
  • Mayr von Altstedten
  • Mayr of Sion
  • Mayr von Mür
  • Mayr from Knorrow (see above)
  • Mayr von Bürglen
  • Mayr from Eppenberg
  • Mayr of Gallen
  • Mayr of Ummendorf


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