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Johann Friedrich Gauhe (born March 15, 1681 in Waltersdorf ; † December 29, 1755 in Helbigsdorf ) was a German genealogist and historian.


Since his father Johann Gauhe died early, Johann Friedrich received his first education from relatives in Luckau . In 1689 he attended high school in Cölln and studied from 1700 at the University of Wittenberg , where Johannes Deutschmann and Gottlieb Wernsdorf the Elder were his teachers. After completing his studies, he worked as a court master for a few years , took over the pastoral office in Oberneuschönberg in 1715 and was transferred to Helbingsdorf in 1724.

His main work "Des Heiligen Römischen Reichs Genealogisch-Historisches Adels-Lexikon ..." was a highly regarded work in the field of genealogy and was widely used until the 19th century. He was also a co-author of the “Innocent Messages” and provided the manuscript of a Hungarian-Transylvanian church and Reformation history, which was stolen from him in 1723.


  • Heroes and heroines lexicon. In which the life and deeds of those generals, admirals, field marshals, colonels, captains, as well as other persons, male and female, of all nations, who differed from the elders at present times in the wars on sea and land, or on other occasions, acquired special fame for her bravery . Johann Friedrich Gleditsch & Sohn, Leipzig 1716 ( full text ).
  • Of the Holy Roman Empire Genealogical-Historical Nobility Lexicon. In it the oldest and most handsome nobles, barons and counts families flourishing today according to their antiquity and origin, distributions in different houses and the lives of the most famous people who have emerged from them, in particular state ministers with proven certificates, together with a necessary preface, appendices and register . Johann Friedrich Gleditsch & Sohn, Leipzig 1719. The work was published in its second edition in 1740 and a “second and last part” followed in 1747.


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