List of architectural monuments in Überruhr-Hinsel

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Shield-shaped memorial plaque of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with the coat of arms of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, above it in capital letters "Monument", top left and right as well as a nail in the middle.

The list of architectural monuments in Überruhr-Hinsel contains the listed buildings in the area of Essen-Überruhr-Hinsel , district VIII, in North Rhine-Westphalia (as of October 2018). These architectural monuments are entered in the monuments list of the city of Essen; The basis for the admission is the Monument Protection Act North Rhine-Westphalia (DSchG NRW).  Map with all coordinates: OSM | WikiMapf1Georeferencing

image designation location description construction time Registered
BW Lock keeper's house and Spillenburg lock Site of the Essen-Überruhr waterworks. Access at Langenberger Straße 304/306.
built in 1780 along with 15 other Ruhr locks, as Frederick the Great , the Ruhr shipping promoted; not open to the public around 1780 (lock), second half of the 19th century (keeper's house) 0July 6, 2010 959
Stephanus Church (Überruhr-Hinsel)
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Stephanus Church (Überruhr-Hinsel) Langenberger Strasse 434
Laying of the foundation stone May 30, 1881, inaugurated on September 7, 1882, architect: August Hartel 1881 Nov 23, 1989 548

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