List of architectural monuments in Fulerum

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Shield-shaped memorial plaque of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with the coat of arms of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, above it in capital letters "Monument", top left and right as well as a nail in the middle.

The list of architectural monuments in Fulerum contains the listed buildings in the area of Essen-Fulerum , district III, in North Rhine-Westphalia (as of January 2016). These architectural monuments are entered in the monuments list of the city of Essen; The basis for the admission is the Monument Protection Act North Rhine-Westphalia (DSchG NRW).  Map with all coordinates: OSM | WikiMapf1Georeferencing

image designation location description construction time Registered
former Borgsmühle (3 buildings) former Borgsmühle
(3 buildings)
Fulerumer Straße 7a – c
built from rubble stones; Originally in the 12th century, the Borgsmühle - at that time Vryenmole - was a service man's seat of the Essen Abbey 1848 Nov 14, 1991 720
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Halbachhammer Altenau 12
Remnants of the medieval Fickynhütte from Weidenau an der Sieg, built in 1935/36 by Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach at the current location and donated to the city of Essen, today a branch of the Ruhr Museum 1798 0Dec 6, 1993 792
Southwest Cemetery
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Southwest Cemetery Fulerumer Strasse 15
second largest burial place in the city, houses among other things honor graves of regional personalities as well as 2,827 war graves; Large mourning hall with outbuildings made of dark-fired clinker bricks according to plans by Ernst Bode have encircled a courtyard since 1926 and form the main entrance area, which is open to Fulerumer Straße 1925-1929 Nov 14, 1991 721
Georg Metzendorf's tomb Georg Metzendorf's tomb Fulerumer Straße 15 / Südwestfriedhof , Grabfeld Wald , grave site 399 Tomb of the architect Georg Metzendorf by the sculptor Joseph Enseling 1935 Sep 15 2005 942

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