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The list of aircraft carriers of the US Navy a total of 80 vessels. Of these, 64 carriers were put into service over the past 85 years, of which ten units are still active. One aircraft carrier is currently under construction and one in planning. The remaining eleven ships were commissioned but never completed, with three units not being completed after construction began and eventually scrapped.

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# Surname class period of service status
CV-1 Langley Langley- class 1922-1942 sunk February 1942
CV-2 Lexington Lexington- class 1927-1942 sunk May 1942
CV-3 Saratoga Lexington- class 1927-1946 sunk as a test object at Operation Crossroads
CV-4 ranger Ranger- class 1934-1946 scrapped
CV-5 Yorktown Yorktown- class 1937-1942 sunk June 1942
CV-6 Enterprise Yorktown- class 1938-1947 scrapped
CV-7 Wasp Wasp class 1940-1942 sunk September 1942
CV-8 Hornet Yorktown- class 1941-1942 sunk October 1942
CV-9 b) Essex Essex class 1942-1947
CV-10 b) Yorktown Essex class 1943-1947
Museum in Charleston, South Carolina
CV-11 b) Intrepid Essex class 1943-1974 Museum in New York
CV-12 b) Hornet Essex class 1943-1947
Museum in Alameda, California
CV-13 b) Franklin Essex class 1944-1947 scrapped
CV-14 b) Ticonderoga Essex class 1943-1947
CV-15 b) Randolph Essex class 1944-1948
CV-16 d) Lexington Essex class 1943-1991 Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas
CV-17 b) Bunker Hill Essex class 1943-1947 scrapped
CV-18 b) Wasp Essex class 1943-1947
CV-19 Hancock Ticonderoga class 1943-1947
CV-20 b) Bennington Essex class 1944-1946
CV-21 c) boxer Ticonderoga class 1945–1969 scrapped
CVL-22 Independence Independence class 1943-1946 sunk as a target ship in 1951
CVL-23 Princeton Independence class 1943-1944 sunk in 1944
CVL-24 Belleau Wood Independence class 1943-1947 scrapped
CVL-25 Cowpens Independence class 1943-1947 scrapped
CVL-26 Monterey Independence class 1943-1956 scrapped
CVL-27 Langley Independence class 1943-1947 scrapped
CVL-28 Cabot Independence class 1943-1947 scrapped
CVL-29 Bataan Independence class 1943-1954 scrapped
CVL-30 San Jacinto Independence class 1943-1947 scrapped
CV-31 b) Bon Homme Richard Essex class 1944-1971 scrapped
CV-32 b) Leyte Ticonderoga class 1946-1959 scrapped
CV-33 b) Kearsarge Ticonderoga class 1946-1970 scrapped
CV-34 Oriskany Ticonderoga class 1950-1957
sunk as an artificial reef in 2006
CV-35 Reprisal Ticonderoga class scrapped after construction was abandoned in 1945
CV-36 b) Antietam Ticonderoga class 1945–1963 scrapped
CV-37 c) Princeton Ticonderoga class 1945-1970 scrapped
CV-38 b) Shangri-La Ticonderoga class 1944-1971 scrapped
CV-39 b) Lake Champlain Ticonderoga class 1945–1966 scrapped
CV-40 b) Tarawa Ticonderoga class 1945-1960 scrapped
CVB-41 a) Midway Midway class 1945-1992 Museum in San Diego, California
CVB-42 a) Franklin D. Roosevelt Midway class 1945-1977 scrapped
CVB-43 a) Coral Sea Midway class 1947-1990 scrapped
CVB-44 Midway class never built
CV-45 c) Valley Forge Ticonderoga class 1946-1970 scrapped
CV-46 Iwo Jima Ticonderoga class scrapped after construction was abandoned in 1945
CV-47 b) Philippine Sea Ticonderoga class 1946-1958 scrapped
CVL-48 Saipan Saipan class 1946-1970 scrapped
CVL-49 Wright Saipan class 1947-1970 scrapped
Ticonderoga class never built
Midway class never built
CVA-58 United States United-States class scrapped after construction was abandoned in 1949
CV-59 Forrestal Forrestal class 1955-1993 scrapped
CV-60 Saratoga Forrestal class 1956-1994 will be scrapped
CV-61 ranger Forrestal class 1957-1993 in NISMF Bremerton , Washington
has been scrapped since 2015
CV-62 Independence Forrestal class 1959-1998 in NISMF Bremerton, Washington
is being scrapped
CV-63 Kitty Hawk Kitty Hawk class 1961-2009 in NISMF Bremerton, Washington
future uncertain
CV-64 Constellation Kitty Hawk class 1961-2003 will be scrapped
CVN-65 Enterprise Enterprise class 1961-2012 decommissioned, will be scrapped
CV-66 America Kitty Hawk class 1965-1996 Sunk in 2005 as a target ship
CV-67 John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy class 1968-2007 in NISMF Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
reserve fleet
CVN-68 Nimitz Nimitz class 1975– active, homeport NS Everett , Washington
CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower Nimitz class 1977– active, homeport NS Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-70 Carl Vinson Nimitz class 1982– active, homeport NS San Diego, California
CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt Nimitz class 1986– active, homeport NS Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln Nimitz class 1989– active, homeport NS Everett, Washington
CVN 73 George Washington Nimitz class 1992– active, home port Yokosuka, Japan
CVN-74 John C. Stennis Nimitz class 1995– active, homeport NB Bremerton, Washington
CVN-75 Harry S. Truman Nimitz class 1998– active, homeport NS Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan Nimitz class 2003– active, homeport NS San Diego, California
CVN-77 George HW Bush Nimitz class 2009– active, homeport NS Norfolk, Virginia
CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford Gerald R. Ford class 2017– Commissioning on July 22, 2017
CVN-79 John F. Kennedy Gerald R. Ford class under construction, commissioning 2022Template: future / in 2 years
CVN-80 Enterprise Gerald R. Ford class under construction, commissioning ~ 2027Template: future / in 5 years
CVN-81 Doris Miller Gerald R. Ford class in planning, commissioning ~ 2030Template: future / in 5 years
a) converted for use by jet aircraft , CVA, 1952
b) converted for use by jet aircraft, CVA, 1952. Converted for ASW tasks, CVS, 1953–1969
c) converted into an amphibious assault ship (LPH), 1959
d) converted into a training aircraft carrier, 1969

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