USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)

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The Roosevelt with the USS Chosin (CG-65) in the Persian Gulf, 2005
The Roosevelt with the USS Chosin (CG-65) in the Persian Gulf, 2005
Order September 30, 1980
Keel laying October 31, 1981
Launch October 27, 1984
1. Period of service flag
Commissioning October 25, 1986
Technical specifications

approx. 97,000 standard tons (fully loaded)


317 meters (waterline), 332.85 meters (flight deck)


40.84 meters (fuselage), 76.80 meters (flight deck)


12.50 meters


3200 crew
+ 2480 aircraft personnel


2 nuclear reactors, 4 propellers


30+ knots


2 Sea Sparrow and 2 Rolling Airframe starters


up to 85

The USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) is the fourth aircraft carrier the Nimitz class of United States Navy . It is named after the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt .


The ship was on 31 October 1981 at the shipyard Newport News Shipbuilding laid on keel . The ship was christened in October 1984 and on October 25, 1986 the Theodore Roosevelt was officially put into service. Her home port is San Diego .

In 1996 the Theodore Roosevelt collided during a training exercise with the USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) when the Roosevelt suddenly slowed down. The rear of the aircraft carrier and the bow of the cruiser were badly damaged, and the repairs were worth $ 16 million.

From autumn 2009, the Roosevelt was at a Refueling Complex Overhaul (RCOH) in their shipyard. The nuclear reactor was refilled, the on-board electronics were replaced and maintenance work was carried out on and in the fuselage. The cost of the docking time, which lasted until 2013, was almost $ 2.5 billion. On August 25, 2013, the aircraft carrier left the shipyard after almost exactly 4 years. From the end of November 2017 to March 2018, the aircraft carrier crossed the Persian Gulf with a crew of almost 5,000, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser and four destroyers. Then the aircraft carrier drove back to San Diego. The mission at sea lasted a total of seven months.

Covid-19 incident

In April 2020, an incident occurred on board that led to the resignation of the United States Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly . In March 2020, several crew members of the ship were diagnosed with COVID-19 in connection with the currently rampant COVID-19 pandemic . Captain Brett Crozier then asked the Admiralty to evacuate the ship lying in front of Guam in order to prevent the further spread of the disease due to the tight living conditions on board and to prevent the death of crew members. This request was rejected by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper because the base on Guam could not adequately accommodate the seafarers. Crozier's email was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle shortly thereafter by one of the recipients , which spread the news about the incident. As a result, the evacuation of the crew members was approved and Crozier was relieved of his command on April 2 by the incumbent Naval Minister Thomas B. Modly - he justified this with a loss of confidence and failure to comply with the prescribed official channels . This met with displeasure and opposition from the population and his crew, who said goodbye to him from his ship with applause and chants. By April 7, 2020, over 300,000 people signed an online petition per Brett Crozier. Modly flew to Guam, visited the crew on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and gave an intercom speech to the crew in which he described Captain Crozier as "too naive or too stupid" to be a commanding officer. Several members of the Democratic Party then demanded Modly's dismissal. and US President Trump intervened in the conflict. On April 7, Modly submitted his resignation. According to Defense Minister Mark Esper, the reinstatement of Captain Croziers is not off the table, but the results of the official investigation must be awaited.

According to the US Navy, 969 crew members were diagnosed with Covid 19 on April 27. One crew member died of the disease.


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