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This list of Latin phrases gathers Latin phrases , proverbs, and idioms , describes their uses, and gives the sources where possible.

Latin expressions, in turn, are often translated from ancient Greek and therefore appear in the list of Greek phrases .

Many of these phrases are still used in technical languages ​​as untranslated set pieces and have even found their way into the general communication repertoire, sometimes as corruptions . This list includes words and phrases that either:

  • are still in use in legal practice today (e.g. In dubio pro reo ),
  • are commonly used in medicine (e.g. delirium tremens ),
  • are used in the church area (e.g. Habemus Papam ),
  • Have meaning for philosophy (e.g. a priori ),
  • are of literary importance (e.g. Arma virumque cano ),
  • are of historical importance (e.g. Imperium Romanum ),
  • serve as a motto for states and sub-states (e.g. A mari usque ad mare )


  • are well known in popular culture (e.g. Delirant isti Romani. )


  • the models for German proverbs were (e.g. Duobus litigantibus tertius gaudet. )
  • or generally belong to the German vocabulary or vocabulary (e.g. et cetera )

Much is already contained in the following lists and therefore does not need to be listed separately here:


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