List of Latin suffixes

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This list of Latin suffixes lists those morphemes which are productive within the Latin language and which can appear between stem and ending and thus serve to derive new words or to form word forms. In addition to suffixes in the narrower sense, series-forming compositional trailing elements (suffixoids) are also taken into account .

suffix Basic meaning / function Examples of derivatives and word forms
-∅- Noun agentis dux 'leader', to dūcere ' to pull, lead'; cōnsul 'Councilor, highest civil servant', to cōnsulere 'consult, decide'; jūdex 'judge', to jūs dīcere 'speak right'
-ā- conjunctive videās 'you see', to vidēre ' to see'; legat 'he read', too casual 'read'; audiar 'I am heard', to audīre 'hear'; attigās 'you touch', to attigī 'I touched'
-ā- Factitive
laetāre ' to cheer up', to laetus 'happy, cheerful'; lacrimāre ' to cry', to lacrima 'tear'; piscārī ' to fish', to piscis 'fish'
servāre ' to preserve', to servos ' * keeper, * shepherd'; mīlitāre 'to do military service', to mīles 'warrior, soldier'; concordāre 'to be in agreement ', to concors 'in agreement, in agreement'
Past tense dabās 'you gave', to dare ' to give'; nābam 'I swam', to nāre 'swim'; vidēbātur 'it seemed', to vidērī 'seem'; ībant 'they went', to īre 'go'
legēbāmus 'we read', to casual 'read'; fugiēbat 'he was on the run', to fugere 'flee'; audiēbantur 'they were heard', to audīre 'hear';
Nominal abstract audācia 'boldness, risk', to audāx 'bold, cheeky'; ēlegantia 'delicacy, propriety', to ēlegāns 'picky, tasteful'; mīlitia 'war service', to mīles 'warrior, soldier'
jūstitia 'justice', to jūstus 'just'; dūritia 'hardness', too dūrus 'hard'; pueritia 'childhood', too puer 'child'
dūritiēs 'hardness', too dūrus 'hard'; munditiēs 'cleanliness', to mundus 'clean'
-ēlā- Noun actionis loquēla 'speech', to loquī ' to speak'; tūtēla 'care, ward', to tūtus 'safe, secure'; candēla 'light, candle', to candēre 'shine, shimmer'
Noun actionis vēnātūra 'hunt', to vēnārī 'hunt'; scrīptūra 'writing, writing', to scrībere 'writing'; armātūra 'rigging, armament', to armāre 'to equip'
ūsūra 'use', to ūtī ' to use'; mēnsūra 'measurement, measure', to mētīrī 'measure'; Censura , censors Office 'to censere , assess, estimate'
-issā / izā- Essive
patrissāre 'to look up the father', to pater 'father'; chrīstiānizāre ' to be Christian', to Christiānus 'Christian'; graecissāre 'to speak like a Greek', to Graecus 'Greek, Greek'
clystērizāre ' make an enema ', to clystēr 'enema'; forizāre ' to trade', to forum 'market'; crūcizāre 'to attach the cross', to crūx 'cross'
latīnizāre '
translate into Latin', to Latīnus 'Latin'; indemnisāre ' to compensate', to indemnisāre 'harmless'; crūdēlizāre 'to portray as cruel', to crūdēlis 'cruel'
- (i) tā- Intensive pōtitāre 'to drink hard ', to pōtāre ' to drink'; fugitāre 'to flee hastily', to fugere ' to flee'; sternūtāre 'constantly sneezing', to sternuere 'sneezing'
'Inclined to ...' fugāx 'likes to flee' , to fuga 'flight'; vorāx 'voracious', to vorāre 'devour'; linguāx 'chatty', to lingua 'tongue, speech'
audāx 'bold', to audēre 'dare'; loquāx 'talkative', to loquī 'talk'; sagāx 'astute', to sāgīre ' smell , feel'
-fac- '-Maker' artifex 'artist', to ars 'art'; carnufex 'executioner', to caro 'meat'; rētifex ' Netzmacher ', to red 'Netz'
- (s) trīc- Noun agentis f. genetrīx 'producer, mother', to genere 'beget, bring forth'; laudātrīx ' eulogist ', to laudāre 'praise, praise'; effectrīx 'creator', to efficere ' to create'
tōnstrīx 'shearer', to tondēre ' to shear'; assestrīx 'assessor, assistant', to assidēre 'sit to the side'
-be / bo- Future tense parēbō 'I will appear', to parēre 'appear'; laudāberis 'you will be praised', to laudāre 'praise, praise'; dabimus 'we will give', to dare 'give'; scībit 'he will know', to scīre 'know'
-sce / sco-
-ēsce / ēsco-
Inchoative scīscere 'explore, find out', to scīre 'know'; īrāsci ' to be angry', to īrātus 'angry'; albēscere 'to become white', to albēre 'to be white'
contremēscere ' to tremble, to tremble', to contremere to ' to tremble, to tremble'; dulcēscere ' to be sweet', to dulcis 'sweet'
-de / do / did- ,give' ēdere 'to give out', to ex '(her) from'; reddere ' to give back, to reproduce', to re- 'back'; vēndere 'sell', to * vēnus 'sell'
-ē- Future tense dīcētur 'it will be said', to dīcere 'speak say'; fugiem 'I will flee', to fugere 'flee'; sciēs 'you will know', to scīre 'know'
-ē- conjunctive stēs 'you stand', to stāre 'stand'; amētur 'he will be loved', to amāre 'love'; the , I give 'to dare give'
-ē- Essive albēre ' to be white', to albus 'white'; ārdēre ' to burn', to āridus 'dry, arid'; senēre ' to be old', to senex 'old man'; flōrēre ' to bloom', to flōs 'blossom'
-iē- Noun actionis / rei actae seriēs 'row, chain', to serere 'braid, row'; faciēs 'shape, appearance', to facere 'make, represent'; aciēs 'sharpness', too acēre 'to be sour'
-sē- Subjunctive imperfect. essēs 'you would be', to eat ' to be'; vellet 'he wanted', too velle 'want'; venīrēmus 'we would come', to venīre 'come'; darem , I would 'to dare give'
-issē- Subjunctive past perfect. fuissēs 'you would have been', to fuī 'I have been'; vēnisset 'he would have come', to vēnī 'I have come'; dedissem 'I would have given' to dedī 'I have given'
-(egg- Noun actionis / rei actae struēspile ', to struere ‚ pile up'; caedēs 'hit, kill', to caedere 'hit, kill'; sēdēs ' sit' , to sedēre 'sit'
'Belonging to ...' hospitālis 'hospitable', to hospes 'stranger, guest'; rīvālis ' brook neighbor', to rīvus 'brook'; Sāturnālia 'Saturn Festival ', to Sāturnus
mīlitāris 'soldierly, military', to mīles 'soldier'; copy , copy, copy 'to exemplum , pattern, model'
puerilis , childlike 'to puer , child'; ovīle 'sheepfold', to ovis 'sheep'; hostilis , hostile, hostile 'to hostis , stranger, enemy'
Īdūlis , offering the Ides 'to IDUs , Ides'; curūlis 'belonging to the wagon', to currus 'wagon'
Verbal adjective stābilis 'fixed', to stāre 'stand'; dūrābilis 'permanent', to dūrāre 'endure, endure'; flēbilis 'to cry', to flēre ' to cry'
terribilis 'terrible', to terrēre ' to frighten'; comprehendibilis / -prehensibilis 'understandable', to comprehendere ' to understand', PPP comprehēnsus
habilis 'handy, agile ', to have ' to handle'; ūtilis 'useful', to ūtī ' to use'; docilis 'docile', to docēre ' to teach'
Verbal adjective textilis 'woven, knitted', to texere 'weave'; fictilis , pottery 'to fingere , form'; volātilis 'flying', to volāre 'flying',
fossilis 'dug, brought to light ', to fodere 'dig'; missilis 'suitable for throwing / hurling', to middle 'send, throw'
-ātili- 'Living in / on ...' aquātilis 'living in / by the water', to aqua 'water'; saxātilis 'living on rock', to saxum 'rock'; Pīsātilis 'residents of the city of Pīsae '
-ēnsi- 'Belonging to the place ...' Veliēnsis 'from the Veliā '; Siciliēnsis 'from Siciliā '; castrēnsis 'belonging to the camp', to castrum 'camp, fortress'; comitātēnsis' belonging to the entourage '' to comitātus ' accompaniment, entourage, court '
-t- Noun actionis / rei actae vītis 'tendril, grapevine', to viēre 'bind, weave '; gēns 'gender, tribe' and praegnās 'pregnant', to genere / gignere ' to beget, to bring forth'; mors 'death', to morī ' to die'; statim 'fixed, on the spot, at once', to stāre 'standing'; messis 'harvest', to meters 'mowing, harvesting'; tussis 'cough', to tundere 'bump'
'Belonging to the place ...' Ardeātis 'from Ardeā '; Ravennās ' from Ravennā ''; Tīburs 'from the city of Tībur '
Arpīnās 'from the city of Arpīnum '; nostrās 'domestic, indigenous', to noster 'our'
Samnītis 'from the land of Samnium '; Caerītis 'from the city of Caere '
- (e) stri-
'Belonging to ...' agrestis 'from the field, rural', to ager 'field, property'; caelestis 'in the sky, heavenly', to caelum 'heaven'
terrestris 'on earth, earthly', to terra 'earth'; equester 'belonging to the horse / rider', to equos 'horse'; palūster 'swampy', to palūs 'swamp'
-ī- conjunctive velīs 'you want', too velle 'want'; fēcerim 'I made', to fēcerō 'I will have made'; dīxītis 'you have said', to dīxō 'I will have said'
-ī- Factitive
lēnīre 'soothe, soothe', to lēnis 'gentle, mild'; singultīre 'sob', to singultus 'sob'; vestīre 'clothe', for vestis 'dress'
servīre 'serve', for servos 'servant, servant'; nūtrīre 'suckle, nourish', to * nūtrī 'mammal, wet nurse'; saevīre 'rage, rage', to saevos 'wild, angry'
turī- Desiderative ēssurīre ' to be hungry', to ēsse ' to eat'; parturīre ' to tear ', to parere ' to give birth'; ēmpturīre 'be willing to buy' , to emere 'take, buy'
-can- '-Player, -singer' tubicen 'trumpeter', to tuba 'trumpet'; fidicen 'string player', to fidēs 'string'; psalmicen ' Psalmensänger ', to psalmus ' Psalm '
-men- Noun instrumenti agmen 'train, crowd', to agere 'drive, lead, pull'; to sūmen 'teat', to sūgere ' to suck'; certāmen 'quarrel, fight', to certāre 'quarrel, fight'
-ēdon / ēden-
-īdon / īden-
Noun actionis torpēdo 'paralysis, electric ray ', to torpēre 'to be deaf / rigid'; ūrēdo 'grain brandy ', to ūrere 'burn'; dulcēdo 'sweetness', to dulcis 'sweet',
cupīdo 'desire', to cupere 'desire'; libīdo 'desire', to libet 'it
pleases '; fōrmīdo 'horror, fear', to fōrma 'figure, ghost'?
-tūdon / tūden- Nominal abstract magnitūdo 'size', to magnus 'large'; fortitūdo 'strength', to fortis 'strong'; cōnsuētūdo 'habit, custom', to cōnsuētus 'used'
-gon / gen-
-āgon / āgen-
-ilāgon / ilāgen-
-īgon / īgen-
-ūgon / ūgen-
Noun actionis orīgo 'origin', to orīrī 'appear, arise'; intertrīgo 'sore rubbed spot', to trītum 'rubbed'; similāgo 'white flour', to simila 'white flour'
capillāgo ' hair growth', to capillus 'hair'; farrāgo 'fodder', too far 'grain'; Plumbago , galena , plumbago 'to plumbum , lead'
Tussilago , coltsfoot 'to tussis , cough'; putrilāgo 'putrefaction', too puter 'lazy'; salsilāgo 'salt water, brine', to salsus 'salted, salty'
tentīgo ' erection ', to tentum 'tense, stretched'; impetīgo 'infestation, rash', too impetere ' to accrue'; vertīgo 'twist, dizziness', to vertere 'turn, turn'
ferrūgo ' rust ', to ferrum 'iron'; salsūgo 'salt water, brine ', to salsus 'salted, salty'; lānūgo 'fluff', to lāna 'wool'
-on- ,provided with …' centuriō 'commander of a hundred', to centuria 'hundred'; Cicerō 'the one with the chickpea nose / chickpea farmer ?', To cicer 'chickpea'
-ion- Noun actionis / rei actae legiō ' Legion ', too casual 'to select , to excavate'; rebelliō 'rebellion', to rebellāre 'rebel'; commūniō 'community', to commūnis 'common, general'
Noun actionis / rei actae lectiō 'reading, selection', too casual 'reading, reading out'; vēnātio 'hunt', to vēnārī 'hunt'; mōtiō 'movement', to mōvēre 'move'
missiō 'Seden , send ', to mean 'send, send'; mānsio 'stay, hostel', to manēre 'stay, stay overnight'
-O- ,provided with …' decōrus 'decent', to decor 'decency'; canōrus 'melodious', to canor 'song, sound'; honōrus 'honorable', to honor 'honor'
- (i) co- 'Belonging to ...' Mārcus , to Mārs ; Āfricus 'African', to Āfer 'Afrer, Africaner'; fabrica 'craft, building, workshop', to faber 'craftsman, master builder'; vīlicus 'rural, estate manager', to vīlla 'manor'
-faco- '... doing' terrificus 'terrible', too terrēre ' terrified '; magnificus 'great', to magnus 'great'; mīrificus 'wonderful', to mīrus 'wonderful'; pānificus 'Brotbeck', to pānis 'bread'
-atico- 'Belonging to ...' silvāticus 'wild', to silva 'forest, scrub, wilderness'; viāticumWegegeld ', to via ‚ Weg, Straße'
-I do- Verbal adjective
'provided with ...'
avidus 'greedy, lustful, stingy', to avēre 'desire'; algidus 'cold', to algēre 'freeze'
gelidus 'ice cold', to gelū 'frost'; herbidus ' krautreich ', to herba 'herb'
Gerundive / gerund laudandus 'to be praised ', to laudāre ' to praise'; gerundi 'of carrying', to gerere ' to carry'
faciundus 'to be made', to facere ' to make'; veniundi 'of coming', to venīre ' to come'
ponendus 'to be set / put / legender', to pōnere ' to set, put, place'; veniendi 'of coming', to venīre ' to come'
'Inclined to ...' moribundus 'close to death', to morī ' to die'; vagābundus 'unsteady', to vagārī ' to wander'; cantābundus 'singing', to cantāre ' to sing',
amōrābundus ' lovesick ', to amor 'love'; noctuābundus 'traveling at night', to noctū 'at night'
-cundo- 'Inclined to ...' fācundus ' eloquent ', to fāri ' to speak'; īrācundus 'irascible', to īra 'anger'; verēcundus 'shameful', too verēri 'shy away'
-eo- ,consisting of …' ulmeus from Elm Wood 'to ulmus , elm '; aureus 'golden, gilded', to aurum 'gold'; niveus 'made of snow, snow white', to nothing 'snow'
-āceo- ,consisting of …' hederāceus 'from ivy', to hedera 'ivy'; tōfāceus ' tuff- like', to tōfus 'tuff stone'; gallīnāceus 'belonging to the hens, cock', to gallīna 'hen'
-āneo- Verbal adjective supervacāneus 'superfluous', to vacāre 'empty / free'; collēctāneus ' gathered' , to collēctus 'gathered'
'Belonging to ...'

verbal abstract
Jūlius ' Julier , Julian', to Jūlus ; Aegyptius 'Egyptian, Egyptian', to Aegyptus 'Egypt'; patrius 'commercial', to pater 'father'; rēgius 'royal', to rēx 'king'; nūtrīcius 'suckling, caring', to nūtrīx 'wet nurse'; Honōrius 'the venerable', to honor 'honor'; jūdicium 'trial, judgment', to jūdex 'judge'; collēgium 'community, association', to 'collēga' 'official, fellow classmate'; sacerdōtium 'priesthood', to sacerdōs 'priest'
imperium 'authority to command, power', to imperāre ' to command, command'; colloquium 'conversation', to colloquī 'to discuss'
-icio- 'Belonging to ...' praetōricius 'praetoric', to praetor ; sodālicius 'cooperative', to sodālis 'companion, friend'; nātālicius 'birthday', on nātāli's 'birthday'
-īcio- ,consisting of …' rāpīcius 'from turnips', to rāpum 'turnips '; laterīcius 'from bricks', to later 'brick'; ērīcius 'hedgehog', to ēr 'hedgehog'; novīcius 'newly arrived', to novus 'new'; ēmptīcius 'bought', to ēmptus 'buy'; fossīcius 'excavated', to fossus 'dug'
Nominal abstract patrimōnium 'paternal inheritance', to pater 'father'; trīstimōnium 'grief', too trīlstis 'sad',
aegrimōnia 'anger', too aeger 'annoying'; trīlstimōnia 'grief', to trīstis 'sad'
-ārio- 'Belonging to ...' Jānuārius , to Jānus ; sūmptuārius 'effort', to sūmptus 'effort, cost'; apiārius 'beekeeper', to apis 'bee'; sēminārium 'nursery', to sēmen 'seed, sapling'; calcāria 'Kalkofen, Kalksteinbruch', to calx 'Kalk (stone)'
-pario- '-Maker' pelliparius ' furrier ', to pellis 'fur, fur'; calciparius 'cobbler', to calx 'heel'
'Belonging to ...' ūnctōrium 'anointing room', 'anointing' too unfavorable ; gūstātōrium 'eating utensils', to gustāre ' to enjoy, ingest',
cubitōrius ' belonging to the feast', to cubāre 'to lie at table'; meritōrius 'to earn money', to merēre 'earn, acquire'
dēversōrium 'inn', dēvertī 'stop in'; sessōrium 'armchair', to sedēre 'sit'
- (u) lo-
- (u) lo-
- (u) lā-
'Inclined to ...' '
means of ...' '
means of ...'
bibulus 'likes to drink' , to bibere 'drink'; crēdulus 'gullible', to crēdere 'trust, believe'; figulus , potter 'to fingere , shapes'
cingulum , belt 'to cingere , gird'; jaculum 'throwing spear ', to jacere 'throwing'; capulus 'handle'; to capere 'take, seize'
tēla 'fabric', to texere 'weave, plait'; grallae 'stilts', to gradī 'to
step '; mūscipula 'mousetrap', to capere ' to catch'
-ēnsimo- Ordinals centēsimus 'hundredth', to centum 'hundred'; mīllēnsimus 'thousandth', to mīlle 'thousand'; multesimus 'one of many', too multus 'a lot'
superlative celerrimus 'faster', too celer 'fast'; prosperrimus 'favorable', too prosper 'favorable'; facillimus 'lightest', to facilis 'light'
novissimus 'newest, last', to novus 'new, young'; fēlīcissimus 'happiest', to fēlīx 'fruitful, happy'; illūstrissimus 'noble', to illūstris 'respected, distinguished'
magnificentissimus 'greatest', to magnificus 'great'; beneficentissimus 'most benevolent', to beneficus 'benevolent'
,consisting of …' aēnus ' brazen ', to aes 'ore, copper'; eburnus 'ivory', to ebur 'ivory'; larignus 'made of larch wood', to larix 'larch'
pōpulneus 'the poplar, from poplar wood', to pōpulus 'poplar'; aēneus '
brazen ', to aes 'ore, copper'; īligneus 'from the holm oak', to īlex 'holm oak'
crocinus 'from saffron, saffron yellow', to crocum 'saffron'; smaragdinus 'from emerald', to smaragdus 'emerald'
fāgineus 'from beech wood', to fāgus 'beech'; coccineus 'scarlet', to coccum 'scarlet
berry '
'Belonging to ...' Pompejānus 'follower of Pompey '; Romanus , roman 'to Roma , Rome '; urbānus 'urban', to urbs 'city'
Caesariānus 'follower of Caesar '; Chrīstiānus 'Christian, Christian', to Chrīstus ; prasiniānus 'follower of the greens', to prasinus 'green-clad charioteer'
-ītāno- 'Belonging to the place ...' Neāpolītānus 'from Neāpolī '; Samarītānus 'from Samarīā '; Panormītānus 'from the city of Panormus '; Tingītānus 'belonging to Tingī '
-ēno- Distributive vīcēnī 'twenty each', to vīciēs 'twenty times'; quadringēnī 'four hundred each', to quadringentī 'four hundred'; centēnī 'per hundred', to centum 'hundred'
-in O- 'Belonging to ...' dīvīnus 'divine', to dīvos 'God'; catulīna ' puppy meat', for catulus 'puppy'; Latīnus 'Latin', to Latium ; figulīna 'pottery', to figulus 'potter'
-fero- '... load-bearing, -bar' frūgifer 'fruitful', to frūx 'fruit'; ūrnifer “water carrier”, to ūrna “water jug”; cornifer 'horned', to cornū 'horn'
-gero- '... carrying' barbiger ' beard- bearing', to barba 'beard'; corniger , horned 'to Cornu , horn'
Noun instrumenti arātrum 'plow', to arāre 'plow, plow'; rōstrum 'beak, snout', to rōdere 'gnaw'; mulctrum ' milking barrel', to mulgēre 'milking',
capistrum 'halter, loop', to capere ' to grasp, grasp'; mōnstrum 'signs, wonders', to monēre 'remember, warn'
-astro- '-Like, bad ...' surdāster , deaf 'to surdus , deaf'; catlāster 'youth', to catulus 'puppy'; oleāster 'wild olive tree', to olea 'olive tree'
-tūro- Participium futuri activi datūrus 'giving in the future', to dare ' to say'; futūrus 'will be, future', too fuam 'I am'; cāsurus 'future falling, entering', to cadere 'falling, entering'
'Full of ..., rich in ...' pretiōsus 'valuable, precious', to pretium 'worth, price'; bīliōsus 'full of bile, bile sick', to bīlis 'bile'
labōriōsus 'laborious', to labor 'exertion, hardship'
mōnstruōsus 'unnatural, wonderful', to mōnstrum 'wonder, monster'; montuōsus 'mountainous', to mōns 'mountain'
participium perfecti passivi factus 'made, become', to facere 'make'; jūnctus 'connected', to younger 'connect'; amātus 'loved', to amāre 'love'
monitus ' admonished ', to monēre 'remember, admonish'; tacitus 'silent', to tacēre 'silent'; placitus pleasant 'to placere , well-like'
fissus cleaved 'to Findere , columns'; complexus 'entwined', to complector 'entwined '; pulsus , pushed 'to pellere , push'
,provided with …' honestus 'honorable', to honōs 'honor'; jūstus 'just, rightful', to jūs 'right'
īrātus 'angry', to īra 'anger'; dentātus 'toothed', to dēns 'tooth'
saxētum 'rocky place', to saxum 'rock'; arborētum 'Baumgarten', to arbor 'tree'
aurītus 'with (long) ears', to auris 'ear'; mellītus 'sweetened with honey, honey-sweet', to mel 'honey'
verūtus ' armed with a skewer', to veru 'skewer'; nāsūtus 'with (large / fine) nose, naseweis', to nāsus 'nose'
'Full of ..., rich in ...' violentus 'violent', to vīs 'force, violence'; sanguinolentus 'bloody', to sanguis 'blood'
vīnulentus ' blessed with wine, drunk', to vīnum 'wine'; corpulentus ' corpulent ', to corpus 'body'
gracilentus 'narrow, gaunt', to gracilis 'slim, gaunt'; macilentus 'lean', to maciēs 'leanness, drought'
-mento- Noun instrumenti vestīmentum 'clothing', to vestīre ' to clothe'; mōmentum 'impulse', to movēre 'to set in motion'; medicāmentum 'cure, medicine', to medicāre 'cure'
-vo- Verbal adjective arvos 'suitable for plowing', to arāre 'plowing'; reliquus 'remained, left over', to relinquere 'leave behind'; assiduus , resident 'to assidēre , to sit there, to stay'
-īvo- 'Belonging to ...' fūrtīvus 'stolen, secret', too fūrtīvus 'theft'; āctīvus 'active', to āctiō 'action, deed'; prīmitīvus 'growing first', to prīmitus 'for the first time'
-par (o) - '-Maker' arcuper 'Bogner', to arcus ' Bogen '; curripar 'Wagner', to currus 'carriage'; mēnsepar 'carpenter', to mēnsa 'table'
-goal- Noun agentis pīstor 'miller, baker', to pīnsere 'pound, mash '; doctor 'teacher', to doceō 'teach'; spectātor 'observer, observer', to spectāre 'contemplate'
Perfect suāsī 'I advised', to suādēre 'advise'; scrīpsī 'I wrote', to scrībere 'write'; faxit 'he did / will have done', to facere 'do'
amāssō 'I will have loved', to amāre 'love'; prohibēssit 'he prevent / preserve', too prohibēre 'prevent, hinder, fail'
-es / os- Noun actionis / rei actae genus 'birth, descent, species', to genere 'beget, bring forth'; vellus 'fur, fleece', to vellere 'pluck'
-ōs- Noun actionis / rei actae nominal abstract
calor 'heat', to calēre 'to be hot'; tremor 'to tremble' , to tremere ' to tremble'; amor 'love', to amāre ' to love'
lepōs 'grace', to lepidus 'dainty, graceful'; caldor 'heat', to caldus 'hot'; lēvor 'smoothness', to lēvis 'smooth'
comparative celsior 'higher, sublime', to celsus 'towering, sublime'; fortior 'stronger', fortis 'strong'; ēlegantior , selected, fine 'to elegans , selected, fine'
magnificentior , great 'to magnificus , grand'; beneficentior 'more benevolent', to beneficus 'benevolent'
Nominal abstract paupertās 'poverty', to pauper 'poor'; fōrmōsitās beauty ', to fōrmōsus ' well formed'; societās ‚society ', to socius ‚ journeyman'
auctōritās ‚validity, guarantee ', to auctor ‚ author, author'; fēlīcitās 'fertility, happiness', to fēlīx 'fertile, happy'
participium praesentis activi undāns 'swaying', to unda 'swaying '; virēns 'greening', to virēre 'green, to be green'; ferēns 'carrying', to ferre 'carrying'
fugiēns 'fleeing, shy', to fugere 'fleeing'; volēns 'going', too velle 'wanting'
,provided with …' animāns 'animated, animated', to anima 'breath, soul'; comāns 'hairy', to coma 'hair'; Stellan , gestirnt, shimmering 'to Stella , star'
sulphurāns Sulphuretted 'to sulfur , sulfur'; ferrūgināns 'rusty tasting', to ferrūgō 'rust'
-ient- Multiplicative octiēs 'eight times', to octō 'eight'; centiēns 'hundred times', to centum 'hundred'; totiēs 'so often', too dead 'so much'
-tūt- Nominal abstract juventūs 'youth', to juvenis 'young'; servitūs 'servitude, bondage', to servus 'servant, unfree'
Noun actionis cantus 'song', to canere ' to sing'; flātus 'wind', to flāre ' to blow, blow'; adventus 'arrival', to advenīre ' to arrive'; factū 'to do', to facere ' to do, make',
passus 'step', to pandere 'to spread out'; pulsus 'push, hit', to pellere 'push, hit'; jussū 'on command', to jubēre 'command'
-atu- Nominal abstract cōnsulātus 'office and dignity of the consuls ', to cōnsul ; senātus 'council of elders', to senex 'old man, old man'; peditātus ' foot people ', to pedes 'pedestrians'; concubīnātus ' concubinate ', to concubīna 'concubine'; caelibātus 'celibacy', to caelebs 'unmarried'
Perfect creāvī 'I created', to creāre 'create'; complēvit 'he has filled up', to complēre 'fill up'; dormīvērunt 'they have slept', to dormīre ' to sleep'
cupīvimus 'we desire ', to cupere 'desire'; appetīvistī 'you attacked', to appetite 'seek to attack'; quaesīvistis 'you asked', to quaesere ' to seek, ask for'
gemuī 'I sighed', to mere 'sigh'; monuistī 'you admonished', to monēre 'remember, admonish'; voluisse 'wanted', too velle 'wanted'

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