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CAESAR on a Unimog U 2450

CAESAR on a Unimog U 2450

General properties
crew 6 soldiers
length 10.0 m
width 2.50 m
height 3.26 m
Dimensions 18.5 t
Armor and armament
Main armament Artillery gun in caliber 155 mm, 52 caliber lengths, 6–8 rounds / minute, elevation : + 66 °, azimuth : 30 °
Secondary armament no
drive diesel
Top speed 100 km / h (50 km / h off-road)
Power / weight
Range 600 km

CAESAR ( Apronym for CAESAR self-propelled howitzer , German  equipped with artillery system trucks ) is in France developed and manufactured self-propelled, non-armored howitzer mm in caliber 155th It is a new type of artillery piece. It is produced by Nexter and Lohr Industrie and used by the armed forces of several countries, including France and Saudi Arabia .


In the early 1990s, Giat (now Nexter ) began developing the CAESAR. The aim was to develop a light, mobile and air-transportable artillery system. The project remained in prototype status until the end of the 1990s. It was not until the early 2000s that the initially skeptical French army ordered five guns for test purposes. The 93 e régiment d'artillerie de montagne (93rd Mountain Artillery Regiment ) in Varces ( Département Isère ) carried out the troop test. In 2004, France ordered 77 copies for a total price of 300 million euros. Three guns were planned for the artillery school and eight per regiment. In 2008, Nexter delivered 16 Caesars to the French army, the first gun on July 1, 2008, and another 30 in 2009. The 68 e régiment d'artillerie d'Afrique in La Valbonne in the Ain department was the first regiment to be converted. In 2009 a further order of 64 copies was made, this should increase the total stock to 141 guns between 2015 and 2020 and replace the outdated TRF1 and AMX AuF1 . However, this order was withdrawn in May 2013.

In total, the system was introduced in six French artillery regiments. However, after the one he régiment d'artillerie de marine in Laon was dissolved on June 30, 2015, only five units with these guns in service.


In the export version, the gun is mounted on the Unimog U 2450 (6 × 6) or in the version for the French armed forces on the chassis of the Renault Sherpa 5 or Renault Sherpa 10 and is therefore mobile, but not armored. Only the driver's cab is protected against light splinters. The gun can be brought into position in a minute. For this purpose, a combined support and tail skid are lowered. 18 bullets of ready-to-use ammunition and the associated propellant charges can be transported on board the vehicle . CAESAR can be air-loaded in a C-130 or an Airbus A400M .

The CAESAR 8x8 version was presented in 2016 . This uses the 8x8 chassis of the Tatra 815 family of vehicles and weighs around 30 tons. The same gun is used. However, this is equipped with a fully automatic loading device for the projectiles and propellant charges . CAESAR 8x8 can carry 30 projectiles as ready-to-use ammunition.

The gun is a further development of the F3 howitzer and with 52 caliber lengths is significantly longer than the original. The semi-automatic screw cap and the cargo chamber are attached to the end of the pipe . This has a volume of 23 liters and corresponds to the Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding (JBMOU) of NATO. With ERFB bullets (Extended Range, Full Bore) a shooting distance of over 30 km is achieved. With ERFB-BB ( Base-Bleed ) projectiles , 42 km can be reached. With extended range - VLAP ammunition , shooting distances of up to 50 km are possible. A semi-automatic loading aid is installed on the gun, which allows a rate of fire of 6-8 rounds per minute, whereby the first three projectiles can be fired within 15 seconds. This means that eight guns can target over a ton of ammunition within a minute .


User states

CAESAR in Afghanistan

CAESAR has been offered for export since 2003.

  • DenmarkDenmark Denmark - 19 vehicles of the CAESAR 8x8 version ordered in 2017 and 2019.
  • FranceFrance France - 77
  • IndonesiaIndonesia Indonesia - 55
  • MoroccoMorocco Morocco - Unknown number ordered in 2020.
  • Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia Saudi Arabia - 132
  • ThailandThailand Thailand - 6
  • LebanonLebanon Lebanon - 24 (funded by Saudi Arabia)

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