List of left socialist organizations in West Germany

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The list on the left socialist organizations in West Germany (1945-1989) includes the links socialism associated organizations, groups and parties in the West German countries to reunification . According to their immanent logic, left socialist formations are located beyond social democratic and communist movements, but historically they are mostly positioned between the two main currents or on their fringes. Mostly left socialism was a separation from the social democratic milieu, but dissident left communism is its mirror image detachment from the communist world movement. For this reason, groups with a Trotskyist and Titoist character were added to the list.

founding year Surname Main representative Membership numbers Press organs Year of dissolution
1945 Labor Party (AP) Heinrich Galm 1954
1933, reorganized around 1945 International Communists of Germany (IKD) In the 1951 Independent Labor Party of Germany merged (UAPD), following its dissolution in 1952 entrism the remaining IKD members in the SPD
1947 Workers' Policy Group (GAP) Th. Bergmann
H. Brandler
Labor Policy (Arpo) existed as a splinter group
around 1950 USPD Berlin W. Kischkat after 1954
1951 Independent Workers' Party of Germany (UAPD) Josef Schappe
Georg Fischer
W. Leonhard
about 400 Free grandstand 1952
1960 Association of Independent Socialists (VUS) Viktor Agartz (best known member) socialist notebooks Creeping dissolution since 1961, last congress in 1963, termination of the socialist magazines 1969
1961/62 Socialist Federation (SB) W. Abendroth
Fritz Lamm
260 (when the predecessor organization Sozialistische Förderegesellschaft (SFG) was renamed SB), 1962 1969
1969 International Marxists Group (GIM) Harald Wolf
Winfried Wolf
400 (1972) what to do 1986
1969 Socialist Office (SB) Elmar grandfather
Andreas Buro
Frank Deppe
Joachim Hirsch
Arno Klönne
Wolf-Dieter Narr
Oskar Negt
Roland Roth
Klaus Vack
No registered association, no memberships links (highest circulation 1974: 12,000),
Express - newspaper for socialist company and trade union work ,
contradictions. Journal of Education, Health and Social Policy
no longer publicly visible since the end of the 1990s
1974 Spartacus Union (SpaBu) 300-400 (1974)
20-30 (1980)
around 1980
1980 Committee for Fundamental Rights and Democracy Andreas Buro
Wolf-Dieter Narr
Roland Roth
Klaus Vack
Fundamental Rights Report (annually, with other publishing organizations),
information. Committee on Fundamental Rights and Democracy (quarterly)
active (as of 2018)
1982 Democratic Socialists (DS) M. Coppik
Karl-H. Hansen
Walter Barthel
one after the other:
Bonner Extra Dienst ,
Linker Extra Dienst ,
Linke Zeitung ,
Der Stachel
1986 United Socialist Party (VSP) Jakob Moneta
Winfried Wolf
SoZ - Socialist Newspaper 2000
1988 Left forum (Lifo)
in the green
Renate Damus
Jürgen Reents
Ludger Volmer
350 creeping dissolution between 1990 and 1993


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