Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989

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Loma Prieta earthquake
1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (California)
date 10/18/1989 (UTC)
Time 00:04:15 UTC
Magnitude 7.1  M S
depth 18.5 km
epicenter 37 ° 2 '24 "  N , 121 ° 52' 48"  W Coordinates: 37 ° 2 '24 "  N , 121 ° 52' 48"  W.
country United States
Tsunami 40 cm
dead 63
Injured 3757
damage approximately $ 6 billion


The Loma Prieta earthquake hit San Francisco Bay on October 17, 1989 at 5:04 p.m. local time . It reached a magnitude of M s 7.1 and lasted 15 seconds. The epicenter was at latitude 37.04 ° north and longitude 121.88 ° west near Mount Loma Prieta in the Santa Cruz Mountains . It was the strongest quake in the region since the great quake of 1906 .

The strong quake caused great damage up to a distance of 110 kilometers - mainly in San Francisco , Oakland , on the San Francisco Peninsula and in cities near the epicenter, such as Santa Cruz , Watsonville and Los Gatos . Most of the damage in more distant areas was caused by soil liquefaction , especially in places where land had been artificially raised.

Demolished section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

A total of 62 people died in the earthquake; the property damage amounted to about six billion US dollars.

Cypress Viaduct after the earthquake
Intensity and spread as video animation

One consequence of the quake was the interruption of all communication routes to the bay around San Francisco. Radio amateurs took the Notfunkbetrieb on. The Intel headquarters in Santa Clara was also affected, and the need for an independent transmission medium became apparent. As a result, the Intel Emergency Amateur Radio Service ( IEARS ) was founded, which also makes its services available to the general public.

In connection with the disaster, one of the few psychological studies on the effects of trauma was carried out in which, by chance, psychological data were also collected a short time before the traumatic event. The study, which was supposed to be about depression, was able to show that a general tendency to brood increases the risk of post-traumatic complaints .

Four days before the earthquake, on October 13, 1989, an article appeared in the Gilroy Dispatch newspaper in which geologist Jim Berkland of the US Geological Survey predicted the quake. The article was headed, "Is 'World Series' Quake Coming?", Referring to a 1989 World Series baseball game held on the day of the earthquake . Berkland based its assumptions on anomalies in wave motion, gravitational information, animal behavior, and other sources.

Members of the Golden Gate Park Skate Patrol used the damaged and therefore closed Embarcadero Freeway in San Francisco as a car-free space for skating. The long downward passages were attractive. Numerous roller athletes received paid warnings from the responsible Highway Patrol , and in 1991 the freeway was demolished.

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