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Louis Pevernagie: Flowers , oil on canvas

Louis Pevernagie (* 1904 ; † 1970 ) was a Belgian painter .


Louis Pevernagie was born in a village in Flanders in 1904. The landscape of the Flemish Ardennes was the inspiration for many of his paintings and gives an insight into Flemish country life. He completed his studies in drawing pedagogy in 1924, but began his career as a painter during his studies. He married at the age of 30 and had two children. After the Second World War he settled in Uccle / Ukkel (near Brussels ). His ideas and visions are revealed on the screen and also in writing in the media. He worked as a journalist for the Belga news agency . He died in Uccle in 1970.

He is the father of Erik Pevernagie . He took part in various exhibitions with the expressionists Gustave de Smet , Hubert Malfait, Albert Saverijs and Maurice Schelck. His work is characterized by intense passion and warm colors. The painter differs in the quality of the composition and the application of paint, which are typical of the Latem School of Sint-Martens-Latem , Latemse School .


Louis Pevernagie started out as an expressionist painter. He mainly used warm colors that have a lively look. Because of his constant search for light he could be classified as one of the "luminists". He tried to find a perfect balance between light and shadow and developed his images with intensity and power. His approach was rough and subtle at the same time. He introduced this interesting contradiction in a number of subjects, such as farmers at work, landscapes, interiors, nudes, flowers and still life. After the Second World War he turned to non-figurative art. In his abstract period he retained the strength and power of his artistic temperament.

Louis Pevernagie (l.) With King Baudouin (r.)


“He combines the achievements of expressionism and animism with a brilliant technical treatment of light and with an intimate approach to the subject. With Pevernagie the light seems to be internalized. His pictures seem to be consumed almost internally by a tension, a glow that neutralizes the purely material. "

- Norbert Hostyn : Museum of Fine Arts, Ostend

“The personality of Louis Pevernagie is striking because of his stormy passion, the balance between passion and inner calm, the apt expression, the monumental simplicity of the forms, the strength of the coloring, the effect of the light that subtly transposes things. Deep powers of reflection shimmer through his canvases. "

- G. Knibber

“Louis Pevernagie shows himself in his works as an intimist, an equal contemporary of Albert Van Dyck and War Van Overstraeten, artists whom Paul Haesaerts classified among the animists. With his comprehensive view and vitality, Pevernagie surpasses the somewhat naive Van Dyck and the dreamy Van Overstraeten. In his second period he devoted himself to non-figurative painting. The result is a series of strong, abstract compositions, some of which have a convincing, semiotic effect. "

- Ludo Frateur : VVL ideas

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