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Luisa Francia

Luisa Francia (born August 2, 1949 in Grafing near Munich ) is a German author and filmmaker. She sees herself as a modern witch .

Live and act

Luisa Francia claims to have grown up in a women's family in Bavaria. She learned mountaineering from her mother. She first studied German. She interned with the Manchester Evening Star , sang in clubs and in the musical Hair . Then she was a dance teacher for African dance.

Since the 1980s she has traveled several times to Africa, India and Nepal in search of magical traditions, folk medicine and shamanism and wrote reports and books about her experiences (including Waiting for Blue Miracles , The African Dream ).

In 1988 she received a grant from the German Literature Fund . In the early 1990s, she went around the Kailash on her own. Her book about female mountaineers was published in 1999 under the title The Lower Sky. Women in icy heights .

In her numerous publications, often in the advice style, she deals with the topics of witches, tarot , horoscope interpretation , goddesses, female shamanism and gives instructions for the design of magical and meditative rituals for life stages as well as for the everyday life of women. She also organized workshops and performances on these topics. Ariane Barth wrote in the Spiegel about Francia's 1986 book Mond - Tanz - Magie : “Anyone who reads her book about her design of thirteen moon festivals is easily seduced by the archaic power of this woman, seduced into a strange world in which modern intellectuality and magical ideas to get along with."

Francia co-wrote the screenplays for Margarethe von Trotta's feature films The Second Awakening of Christa Klages (1978), which was awarded the German Film Prize, and Sisters or the Balance of Luck (1979). She made her own films such as the documentary TV feature film Witches (1980) and wrote the theater monologue Fischmaul (1986).

Luisa Francia giving a lecture in Lauda-Königshofen

Francia is the best-known representative of the witch scene, which emerged in Germany especially in the 1980s at the intersection of neo-paganism and feminism . Like the American Starhawk , she represents a socialist and feminist movement.

Luisa Francia has a daughter; she lives in Munich .


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  • Witches (1980) documentary television film about the time of the Inquisition with Annamirl Bierbichler and Sepp Bierbichler .
  • The stranger is stranger only in a stranger . An ethnological look at the rituals in a German gymnasium (Grafing), for: Under German roofs (first broadcast 1979, ARD, 1984).

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