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Madchester refers to a musical movement that was predominant in British music of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The music of this movement was a mixture of independent , psychedelia and electronic dance music . In many cases it emerged from a then new collaboration between guitar bands and dance music producers, which contained both elements of classic indie rock and hip dance tunes.

The geographic center of the music was in Manchester , particularly in the legendary club The Hacienda .

Well-known bands from this time are Inspiral Carpets , Happy Mondays , The Stone Roses , Primal Scream , The Charlatans , The Farm , James , New Order (mostly in cooperation with DJs such as Paul Oakenfold as producer or remixer ) or electronic acts like 808 State or A Guy Called Gerald . In the mid-1990s the wave subsided, both due to creative stagnation and the bankruptcy of the music label Factory Records , which hit the scene hard financially and organizationally. With the success of bands like Oasis , the predominance of British music passed to Britpop , who no longer focused on any particular city.

The music was also known in Europe under the term Manchester Rave or rave for short . In order to be able to better market their music internationally, some record labels used a trick for their communication: At the same time there were numerous huge (mostly illegal) technohouse parties. These were referred to as raves in the scene . The resourceful PR strategists claimed in their press releases that the Manchester sound would be played at these raves and that their artists would play live there. This hype was reproduced in the media across Europe and believed in many places (in Germany, the Spex magazine even published a special issue with the title “Rave-olution”). It was not until the mid-1990s that u. a. 808 State and KLF identified this error in numerous interviews.

Artists (with reference albums)

  • The Beloved : Album "Happiness" 1990 (on it "Hello", "Time after Time")
  • Candy Flip : Album "Madstock ... The Adventures of Bubblecar Fish" 1990 (on it "Strawberry Fields Forever", originally by The Beatles )
  • The Charlatans : Album "Some Friendly" 1990 (on it "The Only One I Know", "Then")
  • EMF : Album "Schubert Dip" 1991 (on it "Unbelievable")
  • 808 State : Album "Ex: el" 1991 (on it "In Yer Face")
  • The Farm : Album "Spartacus" 1991 (on it "All Together Now")
  • Happy Mondays : album "Bummed" 1988 (on it "Wrote for Luck"), album "Pills'n'Thrills and Bellyaches" 1990 (on it "Kinky Afro", "Loose Fit", "Step On")
  • Inspiral Carpets : Album "Life" 1990 (on it "She Comes in the Fall", "This is how it Feels")
  • New Order : Album "Technique" 1989 (on it "Fine Time")
  • Primal Scream : Album "Screamadelica" 1991 (on it "Come Together")
  • The Shamen : Album "En Tact" 1990 (on it "Progen")
  • The Soup Dragons : Album "Lovegod" 1990 (on it "I'm Free", originally by The Rolling Stones )
  • The Stone Roses : album "The Stone Roses" 1989, single "Fools Gold / What the World is Waiting for" 1989 (on it "Fools Gold")
  • James : Album "Gold Mother" 1990 (then "Sit down")

Related genres: Shoegazing , Psychedelic Rock , Britpop

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