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Malcolm Gladwell (born September 3, 1963 in Fareham , Hampshire , England ) is a Canadian journalist , author and management consultant .


Gladwell grew up in Canada and now lives in New York City , USA . He graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in history in 1984 and initially worked for the American Spectator , then from 1987 to 1996 for the Washington Post . He has been a member of the editorial board for The New Yorker magazine since 1996 and has gained a large following with his features.


Gladwell is the author of the two bestsellers Tipping Point (English. The Tipping Point - How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference ) and Blink! The power of the moment (English Blink - The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking ).

Tipping Point (2000) describes how trends come aboutand how they work and how companies can use knowledge of these processes to market their own products.

Blink! Die Macht des Moment (2005) deals with the role of intuition in decision-making and the human ability or inability to make meaningful decisions in the presence of limited information input.

Typically, Gladwell draws on examples from many apparently widely diverging specialist areas and areas of life to illustrate his theses, which he presents to the reader in a catchy way and with a lot of narrative verve . Often it is everyday observations that give him the impetus to deal with his topics.

This is how he "thanks" in Blink! At the end of the book to three police officers for holding him briefly because they thought he was a wanted sex offender . Gladwell and the wanted man only had a wild, curly mane of hair in common, whereby it took 20 minutes until the mistake was cleared up. He describes this experience with the power of the first impression as the initial spark for his book.

How easy it is to fall victim to a stereotype - especially in connection with racial affiliation - is a constant concern of Gladwell, also from his own experience as a child of an English father and a mother from Jamaica .

Podcast Revisionist History

Gladwell publishes a podcast titled Revisionist History , of which a season of 10 episodes has appeared annually since 2016. The approximately 45-minute episodes deal with "missed and misunderstood events".

Interdisciplinary approaches

Gladwell takes an interdisciplinary approach that relates knowledge from social sciences , psychology , communication science , economics , politics , technology and consumer research . He particularly often investigates the surprising application possibilities of research results in the areas of social sciences and psychology (perception and behavioral research).

Gladwell is in demand as a speaker in business circles. According to his own statements, he does not accept any paid consulting assignments that go beyond giving lectures.

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