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Margret Kreidl (at a reading in Sydney, 2005)

Margret Kreidl (born January 2, 1964 in Salzburg ) is an Austrian writer . She is the author of numerous plays, radio plays, poems, libretti and prose works.


Raised in the Salzburg Flachgau region, she lived in Graz from 1983 to 1996. She now lives on the Wieden in Vienna .

In 2003 she was Writer in Residence at Allegheny College in Meadville , Pennsylvania , and in the summer of 2018 for two months at Bodmanhaus in Gottlieben .



World premieres

  • 1990 Asilomar, scenic collage, premier, fabrik, Graz
  • 1992 On your marks. Sports drama, premiere, Koblenz City Theater
  • 1993 Ladies.Contacts, music: Ernst Christian Rinner, premiere, Forum Stadtpark, Graz; Half half. One piece, premier, Forum Stadtpark Theater, Graz
  • 1994 under water. Five acts, premiere, Volkstheater Vienna; DE, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
  • 1995 under water. Five acts, Young Authors series from the Berliner Ensemble, guest performances: Theater an der Winkelwiese, Zurich; Théâtre de Poche, Bienne
  • 1997 Grateful women. Comedy, premiere, Postfuhramt Berlin – Mitte
  • 1998 under water. Five acts for one singer and 13 instrumentalists, music: Richard Barrett, UA, Paradiso , Amsterdam; ÖE Steirischer Herbst, Graz
  • 1999 Still life with wormhole, music: Richard Barrett, voice: Ute Wassermann, premiere, Podewil, Berlin; Pastry aria. Dramolett, premiere, Burgtheater, Vienna
  • 2001 In good German, premier, Marstall, Munich; Grinshorn and wasp painter. Heimatdramen, premiere, Amerlinghaus , Vienna
  • 2004 Snow White and the Steel Cookers, premier, Theater Phönix, Linz; Five acts, German / Hebrew , staged reading, Stadttheater Bremen
  • 2006 To each his own; WP, Theater Phönix, Linz; Tu misma, composition: Ana Maria Rodriquez / Ute Wassermann, WP, Witten Days for Chamber Music; Grateful women / Des femmes reconnaisstantes, lecture spectacle, Théâtre Artistic Athévains, Paris


  • My voice , edition gegenätze, Graz 1995
  • I am a queen . Appearances, Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt 1996
  • In all details . Catalog, Ritter Verlag, Klagenfurt 1998
  • Sweet bushes , The happy living room, Vienna 1999
  • Grinshorn and wasp painter . 34 Heimatdramen, The Happy Living Room, Vienna 2001
  • Loud couples . Scenes, pictures, lists, with CD, Edition Korrespondenzen, Vienna 2002
  • Right in the heart . Edition Korrespondenzen, Vienna 2005
  • Fold a swallow . Edition Korrespondenzen, Vienna 2009
  • Simple explanation . Alphabet of Dreams, Edition Korrespondenzen, Vienna 2014
  • Quote, cicada . About the sentences. Edition correspondence. Vienna 2017. ISBN 978-3-902951-26-7 .

Radio plays

  • 1993 Halbe Halbe, ORF, Ö1
  • 1994 My voice, vocals: Ute Wassermann, ORF Ö1
  • 1996 riding, ORF Ö1
  • 1998 On the couch, ORF Ö1
  • 2000 private program, ORF Ö1
  • 2002 Local Studies, ORF Ö1
  • 2003 Tracks, Swarms, ORF Ö 1
  • 2004 We have to talk, ORF Ö1
  • 2006 From the heart, with pain, ORF Ö1


  • 1996 Domino, German / Bulgarian, transl. and ed. v. Nikolina Burneva, Bibliotheca Austriaca, Pik Verlag, Veliko Târnovo
  • 1997 Királynő vagyok, translated into Hungarian by Dezső Tandori, Magyar Lettre , 25. (1997, summer)
  • 2005 Le bonheur sur la colline. operette politique, translated into French by Catherine Weinzaepflen et al., Éditions Al Dante, Paris
  • 2005 Hitri streli, resnicne povedi, translated into Slovenian by Urska P. Cerne, Apokalipsa publishing house, Ljubljana

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