Visitation of the Virgin Mary (Kleinenberg)

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Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary

The Catholic pilgrimage church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary is a listed church building in Kleinenberg , a district of Lichtenau in the Paderborn district ( North Rhine-Westphalia ).

History and architecture

Side view

The previous building was a chapel with a hermitage . The hall church with a just closed choir was built from 1742 to 1758 under the direction of Franz Christoph Nagel . There is a way of the cross in the west axis . A polygonal ridge was added to the mansard roof . The holy grave niche is in the east wall. The plastered building with nested corners and gabled fronts is structured by surrounding beams, pilasters and window frames made of red-edged stone . The sandstone-clad west facade was grooved on the ground floor . The portal is framed by pilasters and combined with the curved window in a richly profiled frame. On the side there are figures on consoles, the two exterior ones have been renewed. The sandstone crucifix in front of the window was made by Johannes Gotfried Buch in 1769. The inscription refers to the chaos of war, the chronogram is marked with 1758. The pilaster portal with a volute-framed figure niche on the north side is marked 1742. The sandstone Immaculata is from 1757.

The unusual volute ceiling in the interior is extended into the roof space like a dome with a windowed oval tambour. The painting in the mirror shows the coronation of Mary and the apostles in round medallions. The works probably date from around 1967/68. Old Testament scenes can be seen in the lower haunch . The mural by Wilhelm Lautenbach is marked 1916.


  • The wooden altars with rich sculptural decorations and figures are connected by doors. Like the communion bench, they were made by Johann Philipp Pütt between 1748 and 1749.
  • The confessionals are from around 1747.
  • The stuccoed wooden organ gallery with figures of saints is marked 1753.
  • The cone shop organ was installed in 1880.
  • The carved miraculous image of the Madonna helper from the mountain from around 1400 was newly painted, the globe and the crowns were renewed.
  • The wooden figures of the donors of the order were carved around 1748.
  • The steel bell hangs in the roof turret; it was cast by the Bochum Association in 1874 .

Burial niche

Outside the choir is the barrel-vaulted burial niche from 1717, crowned by volutes. It was renovated in 1914 and has served as the fourteenth station of the Cross since then. The figure of Christ in the grave was carved by a sculptor Pütt in 1757. The niche is protected by a wrought iron grille from 1770. The staircase was built in the first half of the 20th century.

Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross in the west axis of the church is lined with linden trees. It consists of sandstone steles from 1754 adorned with asymmetrical volutes. Six stations were renewed in 1885 in a simple form. At the western end point there is a group of crucifixions made of sandstone from around 1768.


Kleinenberg is one of the oldest Marian pilgrimage sites in Westphalia. According to legend, the veneration of Mary is based on a miracle. A picture of the Virgin is said to have floated over an oak tree three times, and a hermitage was built at this point. Until the construction of today's pilgrimage church Auxiliatrix de monte modico - Helper of the Little Mountain, there were several previous chapels . The extensive pilgrimage site and the avenue of the Kreuzweg are also included in the celebrations. The main pilgrimages are on July 2nd (Visitation of the Virgin Mary) and September 8th (Birth of the Virgin). The religious medieval mystery play Maria has been performed since 2004 .


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