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In the kitchen, various animal and vegetable substances are called pulp . Animal pulp is usually used as an ingredient, while vegetable pulp can also be enjoyed raw.

Bone marrow

Boiled bone marrow
Skipped bone marrow fat at room temperature

Bone marrow used as food is the soft mass from the inside of long tubular bones . It mainly consists of fat, which, like bacon, can be left out of the chopped pulp. So that it does not turn gray because of the blood it contains, it should be soaked for a long time before preparation.

Bone marrow has a typical taste that makes it an essential ingredient in risotto alla milanese , bordelaise sauce and other dishes. Cooked and cut into slices, it is also served on toast or as an insert for clear soups . Bone marrow is also part of marrow balls .

Bone marrow was valued as early as the Stone Age . The hollow bones of hunting animals found in paleontological excavations at fire places are mostly smashed and scraped out.

Animal bone marrow, for example deer bone marrow ( medulla cervina ) or beef marrow, used to be used not only as food, but also as an ingredient in ointments in the medical treatment of skin damage.

Spinal cord

The spinal cord is an extension of the brain in the spine , it consists of nerve tissue rich in lecithin . The spinal cord can be used in many ways in the kitchen, especially from cattle and calves . Veal spine is a delicacy. In preparation, the pulp pulled from the spine is thoroughly watered, peeled and cooked in root broth. It is z. B. used for market cookies and the Austrian Markschöberl soup .

Since the spinal cord of slaughtered animals is one of the most dangerous tissues at risk for the transmission of BSE , the European Union ordered the removal of the spinal cord from the food and feed chain from October 1, 2000. Bone marrow, on the other hand, is harmless as it is not a nerve tissue and may continue to be offered.

Vegetable pulp

Happened fruit pulp are also classified as Mark indicated, for example tomato puree or raspberry sauce. Fruit pulp can be added to juices or nectars and many other foods.

Regionally, celeriac is called Mark or Merk .

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