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Martin Fochler (born June 10, 1946 in Sachsenhausen ) is a chemical laboratory assistant and has been a functionary in various socialist and communist political organizations since the early 1970s . He is currently a member of the Left Party City Councilor Brigitte Wolf in the Munich City Council .

Political career

He was one of the founders of the Maoist Communist Federation of West Germany , which emerged from the Socialist German Student Union in Heidelberg and, as deputy secretary, was one of its most important management members alongside Joscha Schmierer . He had been a member of the Central Committee or its Standing Committee without interruption since 1973 and was considered the " gray eminence " of the organization. He only became known to the public when he took over Joscha Schmiter's post as secretary of the KBW in June 1975 while he was in prison. In the summer of 1975 he appeared at the violent demonstrations against price increases in local public transport in Heidelberg and Frankfurt (Main), which the KBW helped to organize . In 1977 "level-headed demonstrators" prevented Fochler from calling for a violent storming of the Brokdorf nuclear facilities . In the same year he was noticed by some radical utterances in interviews. From the end of June 1978 to June 1980 he was the editor-in-chief of the Communist People's Newspaper .

In 1980 he was at the head of around 600 members of the Communist Federation of West Germany, who separated from it and founded the Bund West German Communists , because in his opinion the KBW had distanced itself from the founding manifesto. From 1978 Joscha Schmierer had started to question the program of the West German communists because of the political ineffectiveness of the KBW's policy . Fochler is a co-founder of the journal Politischeberichte . This is published by GNN-Verlag , of which he is the managing director.

After the BWK dissolved itself as a political party, Fochler made a significant contribution to rescuing its structures in the western regional associations of the PDS as working groups "in and with the PDS". These post-BWK connections are currently organized in the 'Association for Political Education, Left Criticism and Communication' and the magazine 'Political Reports' published by it. Fochler is a manager here.

Fochler is married and lives in Munich.

Main work

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Individual evidence

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