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Joscha Schmierer (2011)

Hans-Gerhart "Joscha" Schmierer (born April 1, 1942 in Stuttgart ) was secretary of the central committee of the KBW from 1973 to 1982 . Since then he has been active in journalism and policy advice, from 1999 to 2007 member of the planning staff of the Foreign Office under Federal Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer and his successor Frank-Walter Steinmeier , there a. a. responsible for fundamental questions of European policy.


Schmierer originally planned to do a doctorate with the historian Werner Conze , but in 1969 he pelted his doctoral supervisor with eggs at a discussion event in the auditorium of Heidelberg University, because he is said to have defended the Wehrmacht's actions in Eastern Europe. This ended Schmier's academic career.

In 1968 Schmierer was a member of the federal executive committee of the SDS and in 1973 co-founder of the most important and largest German K-group , the Maoist Communist League of West Germany (KBW), and his leading figure until its self-dissolution in 1985. In December 1978 he traveled with a KBW delegation on a solidarity visit to the dictator Pol Pot in Cambodia and even after the terror there became known in 1980, after the invasion of the Vietnamese troops, he still sent him an address of solidarity.

In the second half of 1975 Schmierer served two-thirds of an eight-month sentence in the Waldshut correctional facility for a serious breach of the peace during a demonstration in 1970 . During this time, Martin Fochler took on the role of Secretary of the Central Committee of the KBW.

Within the left-wing radical scene of the 1970s, the tightly organized and dogmatic K groups, including Schmier's KBW, were in sharp opposition to the more anarchist so-called Sponti groups, which also included Joschka Fischer's and Daniel Cohn-Bendit's Revolutionary Struggle group .

Despite his later pragmatism and his established position, Schmierer never broke radically with his earlier positions, but tried to reinterpret them and thus classify them in a certain continuity. He explained that he was basically always about democracy , and democracy - according to Schmierer on February 17, 2001 in the Tagesspiegel in connection with the discussion at the time about Joschka Fischer's role in violent demonstrations - is simply not a "doilies". He blamed the police for escalating violence during demonstrations.

Journalistic activity and political positioning

He was co-editor of the magazine Kommune. Forum for politics, economy and culture , from 1983 to 1999 also as editor.

As a publicist - e.g. B. in the taz , but also in bourgeois-conservative oriented newspapers like the world and the FAZ - as well as a speaker of the think tank of the foreign ministry, he has distinguished himself in the last few years with a decidedly realpolitical position. So he advocated u. a. Western military operations in Iraq in 1991, Serbia / Kosovo (since 1999) and Afghanistan (since 2001), argued for a pragmatic cooperation of the EU with the United States , but also with Russia and expressed during the Iraq war in 2003 understanding of George W. Bush's foreign policy "Consistent world domestic policy" and described its "extensive interpretation of the right to self-defense" as a consequence of a failure of the United Nations . Later he evidently deviated from this disguised " world domestic policy ".


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