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Martin Schmitz (* 1956 in Hamm ) is a German publisher and lecturer .


After graduating from high school in 1976, he studied architecture, urban planning and landscape planning at the University of Kassel with Lucius Burckhardt , which he completed with a thesis on outpatient eating in the city and the 1983 book (with Birgit Knop) Currywurst mit Fritten - Über die The takeaway culture appeared. In the 1980s he was a correspondent for the magazine Werk, Bauen + Wohnen and, in addition to numerous articles in various magazines for the Deutsche Bauzeitung, wrote a special issue on the Swiss architect Christian Hunziker. At the same time, he followed the work of Wolfgang Müller and Die Tödliche Doris from the group of Geniale Dilletanten in Berlin and in 1987 became curator of the film program of Documenta 8 d-super-8 , which was based on artistic work with the amateur film format.

In 1989 he founded the Martin Schmitz Verlag in Kassel together with a gallery . With the move to Berlin in 1999 the exhibition was stopped. In addition, there were projects with art on / under construction, an invitation as curator of the conference “Dilettantism”, which was held in Görlitz in 1995, and teaching assignments in Saarbrücken, Weimar, Kassel and Dresden. His work in Berlin began in 1999 with the exhibition Die Tödliche Doris - Kunst , which was followed in 2003 by the project Die Tödliche Doris - Kino and shown internationally. After the death of Lucius Burckhardt in 2003, he began to compile his entire bibliography. 2006–2007 he accepted a teaching position for walking science at the University of Kassel. The curator of the third symposium documenta urbana art plans the planning in 2007 in Kassel, the conference The Science of Walking: Seeing, Recognizing and Planning in 2008 in Frankfurt am Main and the 1st Lucius Burckhardt Convention in 2014 in Kassel.

As a substitute professor for theory and practice of design, Martin Schmitz returned to the Kunsthochschule Kassel in 2013 and has been the Annemarie & Lucius Burckhardt professorship since 2016 .


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