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Max Kaempfert (born January 3, 1871 in Berlin , † June 2, 1941 in Solothurn ) was a German-Swiss composer and conductor .

He studied at the Paris Conservatory and the Royal Music School in Munich .

Between 1894 and September 1898 he was in Munich, first as a violinist and from 1895 also as conductor of the popular concerts of the Kaim Philharmonic Orchestra , the predecessor of the Munich Philharmonic . In 1897 he founded an "orchestra school for amateurs" there. He gained further orchestral experience in Eisenach . In 1899 he moved to Frankfurt am Main . In 1915 he was appointed university music director there and was Kapellmeister of the Palmengarten Orchestra for many years. In 1923 he moved to Switzerland . In Solothurn he founded his own music school and directed various orchestras.

He was married to the royal Württemberg chamber singer Anna Kaempfert (1877–1949).

He composed operas, operettas, instrumental and vocal works.


Rhapsodies, works for wind orchestra

  • circa 1905 German Rhapsody No. 1
  • approx. 1905 Rhapsody No. 2 (using Swabian folk songs), Op. 89
  • approx. 1905 May! - Rhapsody No. 3 (using German folk (May) songs), Op. 90
  • 1905 Swabian Rhapsody No. 4 (using Swabian folk songs) - Subtitle: Hie guet Würtemberg alleweg
  • 1929 Liselotte Gavotte
  • 1931 Arosa Intermezzo
  • 1934 Solothurn Rhapsody No. 7 (using Swiss folk tunes) for large orchestra, salon orchestra (special arrangement), trio, harmony music and brass music (Swiss and German instrumentation).
  • 1935 Alt Bern Rhapsody No. 8 (using Swiss folk tunes)
  • 1938 Forward! Flak! march
  • 1939 A miners' festival - La fête des mineurs - The festival of the minor Rhapsody No. 9 with the use of old German miner's songs
  • Grande-Duchesse Marie-Adélaïde

Chamber music

  • Hobby Horse Op. 8th
  • 1929 Little Elisabeth's Puppets Puppenmusik for violin or violin choir and piano
  • 1929 dwarf music to Ernst Kreidolf 's picture book “Ein Wintermärchen” for 2 violins or violin choir and bells
  • 1930 Windmühlen-Idyll for violin (first position) or violin choir and piano
  • 1931 6 small serenades for violin (1st position) or violin choir and piano
  • 1931 Des kleine Wolfgang's puppet theater suite for violin (first position) or violin choir and piano
  • The top fairy of St. Gallen, suite for violin (1st position) or violin choir and piano

Other works

  • 1897 Spanish Op.9
  • 1906 Old German March (using three melodies from the 16th century)
  • 1913 mask procession
  • 1922 La Bella Valenciana
  • 1929 Music for the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" by Brothers Grimm for 2 violins or violin choir and witches' broom
  • 1929 Snow White dance from the "dwarf music" to Ernst Kreidolf 's picture book "Ein Wintermärchen"
  • 1930 Children's songs and children's games from Elisabeth Noack “My first song book”. Part 1 - For singing and playing
  • 1930 A Midsummer Night's Dream - Le Rêve de la Saint-Jean for violin ... or violin choir, piano, one-part children's or women's choir, string quintet (ad lib.) Etc. Bells (ad lib.)
  • The Sultan's Treasure Opera, libretto by Julius Beck (1898)
  • The dead guest opera
  • The Hausfrieden Suite for large orchestra
  • Karl Schwarzlose March

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