Master of the Brunswick Diptych

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Madonna with Child and St. Anna (Brunswick Diptych, inside)

A painter from the Netherlands who worked in the area around Haarlem towards the end of the 15th century is referred to as the master of the Brunswick diptych . The artist, who is not known by name, is named after one of his pictures, the Brunswick Diptych .

Brunswick diptych

The master of the Braunschweig diptych painted a small - format two - winged picture of saints with a donor around 1490 . The diptych shows a Madonna and Child and Saint Anne on one side and a donor in a monk's robe with Saint Barbara on the other. It can be found in the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in Braunschweig and thus gave the artist who is not known by name his name . When closed, it shows St. Bavo on the outside .

Successor of Geertgen tot Sint Jans

A few other works were assigned to the master of the Braunschweig Diptych by comparing styles, but his exact catalog of works is not certain. The painter is stylistically very close to the painter Geertgen tot Sint Jans from Haarlem, to whom the Brunswick diptych was first assigned.


After Geertgen tot Sint Jans or at least only a stranger from his circle was listed as the painter of the pictures, an attempt was made to give the painter an independent personality by assigning an emergency name. In the course of time, attempts were made to identify this painter. It was suggested that he could be Jacob van Haerlem, who, like Geertgen dead Sint Jans, also came from Haarlem . Other painters in the region such as Jacob Jansz van Haarlem or Jan Mostaert were also mentioned. Not least because of these classifications, which are controversially discussed in the professional world, the name of a master of the Braunschweig diptych and his catalog of works has so far been retained and none of the identifications is generally recognized.

Connection to the Master of the Tiburtine Sibyl?

Stylistically, there are also similarities between the work of the master of the Braunschweig diptych and the work of the master of the Tiburtine Sibyl . He worked in the workshop of the Dutch painter Dierick Bouts in Leuven.

Works (selection)

Saint Bavo (Brunswick Diptych, outside)


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Individual evidence

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