Winged altar

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Krakow high altar by Veit Stoss: wing with reliefs and altar shrine with carving
Winged altar of St. Wolfgang's Church in Schneeberg : painted panels
Gotha table altar from 1540 with 157 individual images, exhibited in the Ducal Museum

The winged altar (also folding altar ) is a special form of altarpiece ( retable ) that is widespread in Central Europe , in which the fixed shrine can be closed by two ( triptych ), four (pentaptych) or more (polyptych) movable wings. The foreign words come from ancient Greek : τρίς trís 'three times', πέντε pénte 'five', πολύς polýs 'a lot' and πτυχή ptychē 'fold, layer'. Since the winged altar can offer changing views on working days, Sundays or public holidays, depending on the motifs and the type of design (painted panel or relief ), it is also called a convertible altar . A painted altar sheet is sometimes mounted on the altar shrine, but mostly it contains carved representations (carved altar). Above the reredos there is the burst with pinnacles and finials in some art landscapes . Below, in the on the Mensa lying predella , can in a Sepulcrum relics are kept.









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