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Miguel Eusebio Bustamante Lardizábal (* 1780 in San Antonio de Flores Departamento El Paraíso , † April 5, 1869 in Tegucigalpa ) was from 11.-26. November 1827 Jefe Supremo of the Province of Honduras in the Central American Confederation and from February 12-14, 1850 Executive President of Honduras.


Miguel Eusebio Bustamante Lardizábal was one of the old mine owner families who had an influence on what was happening in the municipality of Tegucigalpa. His grandfather was Alcalde Mayor des Ayuntamiento de Tegucigalpa. His mother Josefa Lardizábal y Sobrado de Santelices is descended from a Cristobál, who was Alcalde of Choluteca in the middle of the 18th century.

As usual in the Central American bourgeoisie , he was sent to the Universidad Caronigia de Guatemala . When Bustamante was very young, his wife, María Ambrosía Garín Zepeda, the daughter of María Santiago Zepeda Andinodes and the writer Juan Miguel Garín, died. She left him two sons. From his mother, Bustamante had inherited haciendas in the Partido de Cantarranas, shares near San Juan de Flores, the mine of Real de Minas de San José de Yuscarán in Ocotepeque and properties in the southern part of Villa de Tegucigalpa.

In 1812, when the Constitution of Cadiz came into force, Bustamante was mayor of Tegucigalpa. 1820-1821 he was a replacement member of the provincial parliament for Tegucigalpa. On September 28, 1821, he signed the declaration of commitment to independence in the town hall of Tegucigalpa.

He married a second time, María Santiago Herrera. She came from a family with ties to the center of power around the Celaya and the Toméh. The formation of a faction of the bourgeoisie along the question of an annexation by the Mexico of Agustín de Itúrbide or continued dependence on Guatemala was the pathetic reformulation of traditional quarrels in Honduras about the regional origin from Spain.

When Manuel José Arce dissolved the federal parliament in October 1826, he came into conflict with the provincial governments of Honduras under José Dionisio de la Trinidad de Herrera y Díaz del Valle and El Salvador under Mariano Prado Baca , which initiated an uprising against Arce. Arce was helped in his ambitions to be re-elected by Herrera's deputy, Lieutenant General José Justo Milla Pineda . This occupied Comayagua with his troops on May 10, 1827 , had Herrera captured and convened a new provincial parliament with Juan Lindo as chairman. This parliament deposed Herrera on September 13, 1827 and elected Cleto Bendaña as Supremo Jefe . In the parliament convened by Milla, some departments of Honduras did not feel represented and equipped opposition troops against Bendaña. Troops from Milla were defeated at Sabanagrande.

On November 11, 1828, Milla's troops were defeated at the Battle of La Trinidad .

Bendaña handed over his office to José Francisco Morazán Quezada .

The parliament appointed by Milla, chaired by Juan Nepomuceno Fernández Lindo y Zelaya , elected José Jerónimo de Zelaya Fiallos as Supremo Jefe . He ruled in Santa Bárbara in the department of Santa Bárbara , where the mayor recognized him. He appointed Miguel Eusebio Bustamante Lardizábal as his deputy, who was unemployed as a member of the parliament dissolved by Arce and now ruled in Comayagua, which was occupied by the Milla troops.

In 1830 he became a member of parliament.

When General José Santos Guardiola Bustillo organized an uprising, the military stationed in Tegucigalpa appointed Bustamante from February 12 to 14, 1850 as executive president, since he was the deputy of Juan Nepomuceno Fernández Lindo y Zelaya .

With the Pacto de Pespire of March 25, 1850, the situation normalized. Coronado Chávez and his Minister of War, Francisco Ferrera , were forced to emigrate to El Salvador.

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José Jerónimo de Zelaya Fiallos List of heads of state of the province of Honduras
November 11-26, 1827
José Francisco Morazán Quezada
Juan Nepomuceno Fernández Lindo y Zelaya President of Honduras
February 12-14, 1850
Juan Nepomuceno Fernández Lindo y Zelaya