Mikuláš Albert z Kaménka

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Mikuláš Albert z Kaménka (German Nikolaus Albert von Kamenek , also Nikolaus Alberti ; Latin Nicolaus Albertus ; * 1546 in Krappitz / Silesia ; † December 16, 1617 in Prague ) was a theologian , Hebrew and translator . He belonged to the Unity of the Bohemian Brethren .


Nikolaus Albert von Kamenek came from a noble Silesian family. On February 1, 1567, he enrolled at the University of Wittenberg , where he acquired the degree of master's degree on March 13, 1571 and was accepted into the senate of the philosophical faculty of the Wittenberg University on April 25, 1573. Until 1590 he worked on the translation for the Kralitz Bible and taught Hebrew at the Silesian and Moravian schools of the Bohemian Brothers, including in Eibenschitzer and Fulnek and in Prague, which he had to leave. So he went back to Wittenberg. After Emperor Rudolf II granted the Bohemian Protestant estates religious freedom with the letter of majesty 1609, Nikolaus Albert returned to Prague in 1610. There he was appointed the first full professor of Hebrew studies at Charles University in 1611 . In 1612 and 1616 he held the office of Dean of the Philosophical Faculty. In 1617 he was Vice Rector of the Prague Alma Mater


  • Oratio de Hebraeae linguae studio , 1611 (published Dresdae 1734) online
  • Informationem paedagogii acad. trilinguis trivii , 1612
  • Collaboration on the Kralitz Bible ( Bible Králická )
  • Silva quadrilinguis , dictionary in four languages ​​(Latin, Czech, Greek and German), together with Daniel Adam z Veleslavína , 1598


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