Milk Cow Blues

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Milk Cow Blues
Sleepy John Estes
publication 1930
Genre (s) blues
Author (s) Sleepy John Estes

Milk Cow Blues (also known as Milkcow's Calf Blues , Milkcow Blues, or Milkcow Blues Boogie ) is a blues written by the American blues musician Sleepy John Estes and published in 1930.

Sleepy John Estes played the track on May 13, 1930 in Memphis, Tennessee with the Three J's Jug Band , which also included Yank Rachell and pianist Jab Jones. The recording appeared as Bluebird B7677.

Adaptation and further publications

Kokomo Arnold recorded another version of the song on September 10, 1934. The recording was released in October of the same year on the B-side Old Original Kokomo Blues under the Decca Records label on a 78rpm record. Three years later Robert Johnson interpreted the title under the name Milkcow's Calf Blues . The recording took place during its last session on June 20, 1937 and was released under Vocalion Records in September 1937 with the B-side Malted Milk .

In 1941, Bob Wills ' younger brother Johnnie Lee Wills recorded the song as Milkcow Blues for Decca Records. Cotton Thompson sang on the recording. Bob Wills recorded the song for Tiffany Transcriptions with singer Tommy Duncan . The two artists' release Brain Cloudy Blues is similar to Milk Cow Blues . In 1955 the American folk musician Mike Seeger recorded a pure banjo version of the piece.

Elvis Presley's version

Elvis Presley recorded the blues as a rockabilly version of Milkcow Blues Boogie , accompanied by Scotty Moore on guitar and Bill Black on bass, for Sun Records in the winter of 1954 . The arrangement is similar to Will's recording. The single was released without its B-side on January 8, 1955. Only four years later, the B-side was released on the LP A Date with Elvis . Milkcow Blues Boogie was also released under RCA Victor Records (No. 47-6382). The two minute recording by publisher Leeds Music ASCAP can be found under catalog number F2WW-8044.

Recordings from the 1960s

In 1977 a version of the title appeared on Aerosmith's album Draw the Line . Other Aerosmith interpretations appeared on the albums Live Texas Jam '78 from 1988, Pandora's Box from 1991, Box of Fire from 1994, Toys in the Attic / Draw the Line / Rocks (2003) and Baying at the Moon: Classic 1978 Radio Broadcast (2014). In 1996, Bob Dylan released a cover of the song on his album The Genuine Bootleg Series . George Strait released two covers of the blues title on his 1991 albums Chill of an Early Fall and 1995 Strait Out of the Box. On September 19, 2000, a cover of Willie Nelson appeared on his eponymous album Milk Cow Blues . Eric Clapton released two versions of the song. One appeared on the album Me and Mr. Johnson in 2004 and one on Sessions for Robert J .

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