Moldefjord (Molde)

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The Moldefjord (Georg Saal, 1848)

The Moldefjord ( Georg Saal , 1848)

Waters European Arctic Ocean
Land mass Scandinavian peninsula
Geographical location 62 ° 44 ′  N , 7 ° 10 ′  E Coordinates: 62 ° 44 ′  N , 7 ° 10 ′  E
Moldefjord (Møre og Romsdal)
length 13 km

The Moldefjord ( Norwegian Moldefjorden ) is not a fjord in the true sense of the word, but a 13 km long sound in the municipality of Molde in the Norwegian province of Møre og Romsdal .


The Moldefjord is a branch of the Romsdalsfjord . It begins in the west at Cape Julsundnes and Julsund, which branches off from the Romsdalsfjord to the north . From there it runs eastwards between the city of Molde on its north bank and the 50 or so islands of the Molde archipelago opposite the city in the south , until it runs further east between Molde-Arø airport in the north and the island of Bolsøya in the south , 25 km long Fannefjord passes.

The Moldefjord, the islands of Seterøya and Fårøya, behind the Karlsoyfjord (view from the northwest, with Molde in the foreground)
Archipelago in the Moldefjord
View from the north of the Moldefjord and parts of the Molde archipelago


The European route 39 to Trondheim runs from Molde on the north bank of the Moldefjord and then along the Fannefjord until it turns northeast at Hjelset. A car ferry on the route of the European route 39 runs from Molde via the Moldefjord and Romsdalsfjord to Vestnes (Furneset). A road tunnel opened in 1991 , the 2,743 meter long Fannefjord Tunnel, leads under the airport runway and the fjord to the island of Bolsøya.

The Molde Archipelago

The southern boundary of the Moldefjord is formed on the eastern two thirds by the islands of the Molde archipelago ( Norwegian Moldeøyane; Moldeholmene ). The archipelago consists of around 50 mostly tree-lined islands and holms south of Molde. The islands are accessible to the public, but under nature conservation standing recreation area. The fishing museum on the main island of Hjertøya, which can be reached by water taxi from Molde, contains exhibits on seafaring and fishing from the 17th to 19th centuries.

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